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Update: the Gang (including Flowerbelle)

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They're all doing great - 'cept Tuxie, who's doing OK. He's hangin' in there, anyway. Flowerbelle is just as cute as ever. Spooky has turned into a total love bug. Shelly's as kooky as ever, and Lazlo has FINALLY become completely comfortable in the new home. He's just as stoic and "gentlemanly" as ever. Still looks like our "baby feral boy." Ming Loy is - well - she's into everything, everyone, and just trots around happy as a lark.

Can you believe Spook, Tux, Laz and Shel are turning three around now? And Flowerbelle's going to be two soon (not really sure when). And Ming Loy will be one in July?

Let's start with the youngest - chubby Ming Loy. In typical form - stretching on the floor (she has a neurological disorder that has handicapped her back legs. She tries to stretch like a normal cat, but unless she's leaning on something or someone, she just falls over.... )

...and in typical form - grabbing at the camera handle thingy....
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And Shelly, in his favorite napping place:

Spooky, now the love bug!

Lazlo, ever the feral gentleman:

and Tuxedo - just - what a guy!
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wow that is a lot of cats. They are all adorable. Do they all snuggle with you at night?
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...and last but not least, Flowerbelle. Who REALLY should have been named Tinkerbell! But in a sense, she was aptly named, because she's a fighter and a survivor, and she's doing just great. (She did have to have her eye removed - she's not winking in every pic!) her favorite sleeping place - the top of the cat tree in the bedroom, in the hanging pouch:

(She's only pulled the curtains down twice by walking across the top of the rods, which she can easily step onto from her perch up there).
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Ali, we SWORE no more than two cats, lol! We used to live in an RV, and we got up to five before we moved into the house.... we have a total of six. And yes, they do snuggle! Flowerbelle sleeps on my legs or up against Gary's legs. Spooky spends part of the night on our daughter (literally sleeping on her) - and she spends part of the night at our feet in bed - but only after waking us up by walking all over us so she can get lots of cuddles and pets, stretching out inbetween us. Shelly has taken to curling up/stretching out right next to me - I put my arm around him, and he snuggles in purring up a storm. My hair is down to my hips at this point, and he likes to "dig" a nest by rearranging my hair first, lol! Lazlo sometimes joins the crew on the bed at night, although recently he's discovered Flowerbelle's hanging perch, and she's not too happy about finding Lazlo there sometimes when she wants it....

I really can't believe what snuggle bugs Shel and Spook have turned into though. Tuxie's still not big on much in the way of pets, though he loves to be brushed. Lazlo LOVES attention, and comes for pets, especially at night, but if he stays in bed, its curled up down at our feet.

Ming Loy sleeps on a sheepskin next to the bed. But about once every two weeks, she'll crawl right up under my chin for about half an hour for love/pets.

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Aww.. Adorable piccies of your crew Laurie... There's my girl flowerbelle!! She is lookin good !!
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Dinner Time! Flowerbelle is the pickiest eater - and usually doesn't like wet food. This night she sniffed at it and walked away......

(Starting bottom left and moving up and around clockwise: Sheldon, Lazlo, Spooky, Ming Loy, Tuxedo, and - skulking away... Flowerbelle.
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Yeah - Flowerbelle's doing really well. They actually have lysine for cats now, so we can get it from the vet and not from the pharmaceutical compounder. (She has herpes eating away at her sinuses - it was attacking her eye, which is why in the end, we had to have it removed, and the lysine helps slow the replication of the virus). We give it to her twice a day for two weeks every other month or so. Especially when she has a cold (which she's very susceptible to) it seems to really help. She has lost a little weight - she's at her low-end (6 1/2 pounds), but she seems to steadily, slowly fluctuate between 6 1/2 and 7 pounds pretty regularly. She is still the cutest thing in the world - and bobs her head around in the cutest ways! She's also deaf, and she waves her front paw around all the time, and it's so darn cute.

And I think it's because she can't hear herself that she talks all the time. But it is the sweetest cooing, trilling sounds.

When we first rescued her - well - she was in the hospital for what - a month and a half? But when we first brought her home, she was so sick all she did was lie in bed with us, curled up, and fight her illnesses. So she wouldn't have to get up, we'd pour water into a bottle top to let her drink there. She seemed to grow out of that - until a month or two ago! She was waving and cooing at me, and I could not figure out what it was - until I finally offered her some of the water I was drinking. She lapped it out of the bottle top like a kid eating candy. She asks for it almost everytime I take a drink of water. She usually laps 1/2 the water out of bottle top onto whatever's underneath, and wants about four or five servings of water in the bottle top at night - so I usually end up with some portion of the bed being soaked. But it's just too sweet and cute, lol!

Here's my absolute favorite pic of her:

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Laurie, I always love seeing your crew!!

Thanks for the updated pictures
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It is good to have you and your crew back, and to have all the updates.
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Thanks for the pics Laurie! Your family is amazing!
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Aw.. Thank you for posting more pictures. I remember reading your post when I was new here. It's nice to see them again.
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What great pics of your gang.
I love the last pic of Flowerbelle as well.It is sooooo cute.
I have a few that love to chew up my homework papers.
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I enjoyed looking at all the great pictures
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Awww, what sweet babies!! Great pics!!
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What a great group of kits. Flowerbelle looks great love that last picture of her tearing up that piece of paper. That is a contented kitty. I also love the picture of them eating together. One big happy family.
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Awww, you have a beautiful family. Flowerbelle is so pretty.
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What lovely babies, Laurie, and what great pics of them. Everyone seems very contented. Sweet, sweet, sweet...
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Wow, Laurie! I really love Flowerbelle the best!
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Thanks for sharing, Laurie! All your babies are gorgeous!
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