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Signature makers?? request please...

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If this isnt the place for this, then please let me know...I would like a new siggy and I am hoping some of you people here know how right?? please email me at and I will email you the pictures I would like in it...thanks in advance!!!
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Just bumping this up
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Moving this to the Lounge for more exposure.
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I need some serious help too!
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i'm sure someone will be along soon
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What do you have in mind for a new siggy?
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Just something with each of their pictures and their names on it...thats about it..i dont know how to make the pictures smaller in the sig and of course the ones I want in it are very big......
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Check your pm's
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Miss Tori check your pm's
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Cathi~ I am not sure if you got my email, but if you didnt here are the pictures I want added to my sig....there is something wrong with my email and sometimes it says it doesnt send but it most of the time does so...anyway...first one is Rocky

and Fluffy

and here is Ash!
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Got em. I will see what I can come up with for you
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thank you!
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i think you can contact cirque he had made great siggies for us
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I would offer, but my program is down for the moment. I have to get it from my brother. If none else, you could ask Cirque to make one. He makes them professionally for free.
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I think I have the time to make a few. Just answer these question and I will see what I can do.

1. Size of signature:
2. Post the link of the picture you want to use.
3. Text you want to put in your signature.
4. Any other requirement?

By the way, I cannot do animation.
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I make pet signatures and do them for many poeple on this board as well as others. If you are still looking for someone to make you a siggy I would be happy to make you one.

Just pm me and let me know and then I'll contact you with what I need.

Many thanks

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I could try it-it seems like a fun challenge..
Do you have clearer pictures of Rocky & Fluffy?
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