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Work Rant!!!

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I am so glad my job is done on September 30th!!!!
If anyone had followed my thread on SOS about Sheba, well her killer's plea/sentencing is May 9th. I had asked for personal time to attend this as it is my right as a victim to read a letter before the judge.
Working for a large corporation sucks
as there are RULES to follow for personal business time.
This does not meet the requirements of an IMMEDIATE, non-reoccuring nature since I've know about this for several months.
So I can take a 1/2 day or day of vacation or I suggested either using my luch hour or time off without pay. So know I have call the courthouse to get as estimate of the timeframe for this hearing.
I've been waiting for this day for so long-I haven't finalized my letter to the court system yet either.
I'll do whatever management wants I'm not missing that date. But for once don't you think they could have bent the rules. I very rarely in the past 18 plus years have used personal time.
Thank goodness 112 days left!!!

Thanks for putting up with my rant also.
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Gail, that's just annoys me, but that's how companies are. Believe it or not, in the "olden days" they'd look at that as you've lost your marbles, going to a hearing on a kitty! BAH! I, too, work in a place that if you gave them 5 good things and 1 bad thing about an employee, they could tell you very quickly the negaitve thing and have no recollection of the positive one.
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Honestly, that doesn't sound so bad... We all pretty much have the same choices, vacation, sick, lunch, or unpaid. Don't stress about the time, just be happy you get to be there to help nail the (less then worthwhile person) into his coffin, and give them a letter worth remembering.

Heck, at my job they tried to tell a woman she had to reschedule VOTING because they didn't want her to leave early.
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Argh Gail! Why can't they get over their b.s. and just let you go already? I mean....sheesh. Haven't you proved yourself enough to them already? Lordy.
I cannot WAIT until you get to court though....I hope you rip the killer a new one!
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The sad thing is I'm too honest at work. All I could have said is I have an appt without going into further detail or (GASP) lied and said it was a drs appt and there would have been not problem.
My letter to the court continues to evolve. I just hope with all the "cat hunting" news it doesn't sway the outcome.
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Is there no way possible you could charge the time to annual (vacation) leave ?

I know how frustrating it can be to toe someone else's line, but in today's climate, jobs aren't all that plentiful, so remember that you have likely 12 to 15 years to go before retirement, and if it helps, try to remember that you work to live, not the other way around.

I am enjoying my 14th year of retirement, and the hellacious hassles I had to endure to earn what I am enjoying now are mostly a dim and distant memory, so hang in there -- your time is coming, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do mine ! !

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Originally Posted by ugaimes
I cannot WAIT until you get to court though....I hope you rip the killer a new one!

I don't think the news stories about cat hunting will affect your case because the murderer knew that Sheba was someone's pet and not a stray.
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