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major concern- help!

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emma has been eating normal and acting normal but today when i emptied her litter box she had a rather fresh stool and i noticed some bright red blood in her stool. i tried to look at her older stools (which is tedious when using clumping litter) and i noticed nothing else. i checked out her rear and nothing is oozing or anything. she had a shot last thursday for ear mites and the vet said that if she had any worms (but didn't appear to), that they would be rid of as well. it's thanksgiving and everything's closed of course so i'm worried!
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I scroled down and read another post about blood in the stool. My worries were eased a little bit. I'm going to call the vet tomorrow and make an appt. anyways. Thank goodness she is eating fine and acting her normal self.
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AAWW I hope Emma will be okay....

There are no emergency Vet hospitals open today?
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I'm sure she'll be fine. She might have a little constapation and pushed a little too hard. I've seen this happen to my cats and they've been fine. The worry part would be if she did not eat or drink, then it would be off to the ER.

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So do you think I need to take her to the vet or wait and watch her to see if I see blood again? She's running around the room as we speak with her catnip toy so I think she feels ok!
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I would keep an eye on her and if you see blood again, then I think a trip to the vet is necessary. In the meantime, just watch her and make sure she acts like herself which it sounds like she's doing just fine. Please keep us posted.

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Well, no more blood noticed in Emma's poop but her food has been making her sick (Purina Cat Chow) occasionally. I switched to Purina One specifically for adult cats and so far so good. Thanks for all the concern!
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It seems that food allergies of some sort of another are becoming for common - my Loki is alergic to one or more of the ingedience in Nutro - same thing mushy poop and blood.

He now eats Hills Science Diet for Sensetive Stomachs and his Poop is A1.

Good to hear everything is OK - I know when you first see the blood it is quite an experiece. It was for me I think I hyperventilated.
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with foods. I hope I don't have to spend a lot on cat food. I am on a tight budget. I heard Purina didn't have some dye in it that other commercial brands had so it was easier on their tummies. So, we're trying this for now and see what works.
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