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TTP taking applications for kittysitters!

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Hello......for all of you who might not know us, we are TTP, (nickname given to us by our Auntie Sandra) Trixie, Tiggy and Petals.....

Our meowmy and poppa are going on vacation at the end of August, and they have arranged for our Grandma Morris to come and stay with us that week. Well, we prefer not to have Grandma come because she is strict and doens't let us on counters, tables, beg for food, etc.

We are secretly listing this thread in the hopes that someone here will want to kittysit for us that week. All applicants will be considered....... PLEASE HELP!
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what a pretty group!I have a feeling they have no problem getting in trouble!!! They all look like they are planning something...
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Judging from that pic, I think Tiggy was the author of the plea, though he's certainly not getting any arguments from his sisters! Neat pic.
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Me! Me! Pick ME!!!!!!! I'll do it for free as long as the girls agree to start letting Tiggy cuddle with them
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*Petals, Pixie, I think we have one offer so far!!*
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It´s a Ribbon on the paws of Tiggy Susie??? ...

Milky to Auntie Susie----> Auntie, Auntie, Send me my counsins please, we can spend a lovely time here in our Hot Mérida!!! ... hyper: Rides on the Beach, to visit the Mayan Ruins and Dance Salsa at the disco whole night!!!......

Of course the "Tequilas Sunrises, The Margarites and the Blood Mary´s count by my own!...
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if I had the money... I will come and babysit You three and bring Patches and Tiger also ... Love you guys
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I will baby-sit...and TTP can teach my little ones a thing or two.
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AWWW I wish you lived close to me! I'm a pet sitter and would take care of your gang in a heartbeat!!!!
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Dang! I wish I lived closer.
I would love to take care of you three
I would spoil you rotten too - let you do anything you wanted as long as it was safe. Good luck TTP
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What's the problem? This photo shows 3 well-behaved kitties.
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tiggy you look like a sweetheart in the picture if you dont mind a pregnant cat who will talk your ear of your welcome at my place
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I would but I'm afraid the 6 hour commute would do Aunty Chris in everyday!!
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I'll come spring you if it gets too boring!
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Originally Posted by yayi
What's the problem? This photo shows 3 well-behaved kitties.
I disagree. I definitely see trouble behind those eyes!!
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"Pst! Hey, guys. Let me do some looking around and see if I can't get the number of the guy who checked in on us while our humans were gone. He was cool. He'd bring his lunch over and eat with us. Then he'd play with us. And once he even brought over his own cat to play with us. We got away with stuff that I don't think our humans have even thought of yet. We had a great time and no one got hurt. We even got to pee on an old chair ALL WEEK and not get caught once! His name started with a "K", I think. Let me see what I can do for you. . ." -Mac
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