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Jasper Birthday Pictures

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OH BOY a present for ME!

Wait, let me bring mousie over to help me get it out of the box......

Now.......if I just pull here... there anything else in there?

Guess not, but I still like the box, its cool!

Here's my new tunnel

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that's adorable! happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday Jasper!

Thanks for the lovely pics...
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Happy Birthday, Jasper! That looks like a neat tunnel you have there.
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Awwwwww. He's such a stunning cat. He looks like he loves his tunnel.
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Too cute!! And the best part is its two presents in one, a tunnel and a box!!! CJ is envious! Happy birthday from Cj and Roxy!
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There's the birthday boy! Yep, typical kid. Plays more with the box!
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Wonderful pix! he's such a handsome boy!
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Happy birthday Jasper!!! More years to you!!!
Nice pics Carol!!
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**HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASPER**What a gorgeous cat you are!!!! Got you a fish for your special day!
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Happy Birthday Jasper!

Enjoy your tunnel
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Lil Jasper says thanks everyone for the compliments. You are very kind to me. :-)
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happy birthdya jasper i love the pictures of your party looks like you had fun
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Carol, anytime you decide you're tired of him, just ship him to Alabama, I'll take him in a heartbeat!
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Thanks Cindy, but I think I will keep him.............;-)
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Jasper, what purrrrrty birthday pictures!
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Aww, there's my handsome boy, that's a pretty tunnel, and you get a pretty box too.

Happy Birthday Jasper!
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oh, we love it, and we wannnt get bobbie to get us one! KITTY KRUISER, hmmmmm.......we mus say, youare a big hansum kitty. we not that big.

ssshh, we skeered meowmy gonna find out we not lost any wate and make us eat evn less.
that vet man gonna way us! we NO it!
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Happy Birthday Handsome Jasper! What a nice tunnel, I haven't seen one before. I have to check it out and see if DeeDee would like one too.
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Great pics
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aww jasper!
i vish me meowmy vould buy me a FUNNEL!!!!!!!!!
I wish i had your furrrrr
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