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Aww, look at them! They love it. That picture of Gypsy flopped over is so funny! They are such characters, aren't they? Congrats on finishing the biggest and hardest parts
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An interesting development this morning. I decided to try and put Cleo my oldest feral cat, he is now in his double digits agewise, only been inside a few times in his life, to which he shredded the wallpaper ran laps over our heads and tried to ram out the glass window to escape. But this morning, I scooped him up while he was in the yard, and together we entered the enclosure. I set him down inside and stoold there watching. He looked around, saw the hay pile and went over and promptly laid down! He was inside for 2 hours where he discovered cat toys and catnip for the first time and played with the other cats! Only after two hours did he show any signs of anxiety and started running around the enclosure looking for a way out. I just went in and let him out and he took off for the woods. I am hoping that giving him exposure to it as much as I can that one day, he will just live inside of it without anxiety-
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Aww, good for Cleo! It's great that he felt relaxed enough to lay down, and even play. It sounds like he's made a great start towards making the enclosure his home...here's hoping!
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Your enclosure is the "Ritz Hotel" for cats. It is awsome.
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My goodness, it is amazing! So large, and so many things for a cat to do while enjoying the best of both worlds.
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MA i've just seen this now, and how brilliant is that!!, it's huge!

You've both done a fantastic job!

Imagine all the flies and moths they can catch?, Rosie and Sophie would have a field day!!
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How awesome! Job well done.
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Here is the start of the insulated cat beds. There will be ten total- and they are completely protected. At the top level is where I will now be storing all my cat carriers-

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It looks great, I can't really tell but did you put some kind of a floor in it? That was my concern with mine what will you do if it rains alot and the water soaks the bottom, I was afraid that some wild indian may start digging, or it would ruin everything not up off the ground..
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There is no floor, but the roof is solid and it is under a century old pine tree as well as off the side of the house so I am not to worried. We have an underground spring so the water that comes out of the sky and into the ground leaks to there. The cats can't even get wet going from the enclosure to the house because of the irrigation pipes they travel through. We thought this out a great deal before constructing it.
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I am so impressed. I thought I was spoiling my kittens but you definitely win the prize for a big heart and love for cats. Way to go - you are an inspiration!
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Thanks- it's fun and a good place to just hang out with the cats-

It's progressing nicely-

And an inside look

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It looks wonderful.
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Hey that is AWESOME! Now I don't even want to post the pics of ours! haha (but I will)THat is the size we hope to expand their roaming room to soon. As of now it's only two large kennel cages on the back of the building but we have room to expand back to the dog yard fence. We have been looking at the least expensive way to do it and talking to a friend that works at a home improvement store, the kennels have a roof over them and we figured we'd leave the expanded one uncovered (with a heavy nylon net roof). We came up with a plan for anchoring it with landscape timbers spiked into the ground and building the 'frame' out of PVC pipe and then wrapping the whole thing in chicken wire (for the case of tiny kittens who might come to stay someday) and then doing the heavy nylon garden netting over the top. Yours looks incredible but wow...that is some investment in lumber, no? awesome! Someday we hope to have a heavy duty expanded version like yours!
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That looks great Mary Anne - I love the little sleeping boxes with the round holes - the kitties will feel really secure in there. They're going to have such fun during their outdoor time!
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What a wonderful project. My wife wanted an outdoor room for our cats, I'll have to show her the pictures.

Two questions:

1. Do you have any back yard left?
2. Do you have any problem with bugs (like mosquitos!) coming into the house through the pipes that give the cats access to the house?
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I like that roof. I would like to put a roof on Nakoma's enclosure, but with all the snow we get here, I would really need to make sure it was structurally sound or it would collapse from all the weight of the snow. It isn't uncommon for this part of Ohio to get 1-2 feet of snow at a shot. Actaully, Nakoma will love the snow, it's just that when it rains, I hate how wet everything gets in there. However, I have seen him sit in the middle of a thunderstorm without going into his den box. Great job on the enclosure. I know just how much time and money building one takes.
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Final shot of the cat beds

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Hey they're awesome!
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Very nice, lucky babies
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MA...Every detail of your amazing enclosure, shows how much you love & respect the cats that you save.
They are so fortunate to be with you & Mike.
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Mary Ann, that's fantastic!

to you and Mike!

The kitties will certainly feel safe and warm in their new cubby holes!
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Looks great!!! I'm jelous too.
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Wow Mary Ann! That looks great!
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I am amazaed you are truly a special person with a special helper. (and i thought my Kittens were spoiled)
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WOW M.A. this is a wonderful Cat Heaven for all your kitties
I just now was able to quick look through here .
You and your husband did a great job and I love it
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I've read this entire thread. That is brilliant!
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I agree.... brilliant.
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That has given me definate ideas....... Since we have the small area now, I can increase the size with no problem. We have three acres so potentially I could make it as big as I wanted. If I can get it the right size, it would house 18 cats which would be perfect. I would never have to worry about them again. I have 15 cats but I have three babies too. And I know I am keeping on eof them because it is Jimmys friend and he needs a friend kitty. JJ and Cow are friends. Tink and Star and Toe are friends. Everyone has a friend. And that is important to me.

And I mean it when I say that is truely wonderful what you have done and that is exactly what I have in mind for ours. I told my husband I wanted little house in it as well... kinda like what you have done.

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Thanks, it was expensive but has already paid for itself several times by keeping my cats out of harm's way. It looks so much different now, we have been doing a lot of work in it. I need to get new photos of it and post them so you can see the trees we have inside of it, the pond and other features. I wanted it completed before I share- I hope to have it completely finished end of summer.
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