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Ready to put the roof on!

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It has progressed from this:

To this-

and if Mother Nature cooperates, tomorrow we will start putting the roof on-
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Looking good! Glad your cats have a nice home.
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That's awesome! It's bigger than I originally thought it was...that's so wonderful!!!
I can't wait to see the finished product!!!
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looks like quite a job! keep up the good work! it's looking great
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Nice I can't wait to see pictures when it's done and of the cats
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Thats gonna be so nice! They will love it!
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Wow - very impressive!!! Looks so spacious!
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Wow, just look at that!The roof?! Here's to a bright sunny day tomorrow!This must be such hard work, but look how great it is!
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Wow, that's really coming along! It's going to be quite the kitty haven!
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Can my cats come there on vacation?
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Wow, that looks great. Do you want to come to Ohio and help me build my enclosure for our rescued bobcat? Now that the weather is finally starting to get warm, I say starting because we are due to get some heavy wet snow...again, I am hoping to get going on my enclosure.
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Wow! It's great! Nice and big for the Miller mob.
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Wow! It really looks huge now that it's framed!!!
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Thanks guys, it is raining today, we have thunder lightning, wind- so far it has stayed up! lol

We went yesterday to a farm irrigation factory and purchased a section of black irrigation tube- 14" in diameter. These will be the tunnels leading from the enclosure to the house, mounted off the ground for the cats to travel and not get wet. I wanted to get them early so that we can lay them around for the cats to get comfortable with before using them for access tunnels.
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That's a great idea for the tunnel. Once we used a mail box for our tunnel to one we made. It was great because you could close it off with the door.That's gonna be a huge space. Wish I could get my hubby to build one that big.
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Looking good so far Mary Anne! I'm jelous.
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I'm sure they'll be enjoying their new tunnel toys!
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When he gets done with your's..send him my way.
It is looking good.I'll bet the kitties will love it when it is done.
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looks good, but what is it going to be? (i must have missed a thread )
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The roof is going on tomorrow (hopefully) though they are predicting rain

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MA - it looks fabulous! Here's hoping there's no rain today (Rain, Rain, Go Away, come again some other day!).

As you may recall, our cats LOVED tubes! Ours weren't outside, so we used the thick cardboard ones used for forming pillars. We purchased carpet remnants and used duct tape to attach strips of carpet inside the tubes so the cats could easily climb up and down. Maybe more tubes could easily be used as ramps to different levels within the enclosure.

The "Miller Gang" are a very fortunate lot indeed - and it looks like they'll soon be moving into a new level of cat heaven!
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That looks AWESOME!! That's one of my dreams someday- when I buy my own home to build an enclosure so my cats can go outside but at the same time be safe from outside "dangerous" elements.

Is this intended for the outside ferals or for your cats (inside/outside cats)?

Pls keep posting pics of this! Can't wait to see the outcome..
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Looking good. I just wish I could start our enclosure for our rescued bobcat. But, with the way the weather has been, who knows when I will be able to do it. The ground is just to soft and wet.
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We have roof! I'm sorry, can you tell I am a tad excited?

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They have roof!

Lookin' good. Now the TCS kitties can have a convention at your place.
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Oh, look at that!Magnificient, MA!You and Mike have been working so hard!
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It's coming along good
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Wow, looks good!
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And the hard part is done- now comes the fun part, filling up the inside with tunnels, ramps, and places for the cats to play and hide-

I don't know why but these tubes look like an alien might have landed

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