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JibJab's "Matzah"!

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JibJab has a new song out in honor of Passover: http://www.jibjab.com/matzah/matzah.htm
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That was great... I loved the huge chai (life) symbol on his hat.

I'm sure many people are having a ball at seder tables around the world. I know seders can go on till the wee hours of the morning. And there's still another tomorrow with MORE wine to drink!

This year will be complicated because Passover starts motzei Shabbos (when the Sabbath ends), so those who are traditional in observance won't be able to squeeze in any last minute preparations as there are three days of rest, instead of the usual two.
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Mildly amusing but not up to their usual standards. Matzoh just isn't funny - GEFILTE FISH is funny.

Happy Passover, everyone!
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I LOVE gefilte fish! If I was Jewish even to a minor degree, I'm sure I would be partaking in some tonight!

Chag somayach! (happy holiday in Hebrew)
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