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Quarry Critters

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Have you guys seen these????????

I don't collect cat figurines, (though I do love them) because I am an avid teddy bear collector, especially Boyd's Bears, which I have been collecting for about 8 years ( plush and resin)

But today went to this store in town the only store that carries Boyd's and unique gifts, in my area. and I went there to buy a birthday present for one of my friends, and as soon as I walked in, I saw them....

I just fell in LOVE with these cats!!!!!!!!!!!! (actually they also have dogs, frogs, tutles, etc, too in these Quarry Critters) but it was the cats that drew my attention! I just had to tell you about them!

They look like they are made of stone, or granite or something, but they are very lightweight, so I guess not, I dunno, but anyway, they look like they are made of stone, and they have these big shiny black eyes and nose, (the only thing of color on them)
But the thing that drew me to them, and made me fall in love wih them, are the expressions on their faces! They are so totally comical!!! Their personalities just leaped out at me, and even though I don't collect cat figurines, I bought two of them (Chelsea and Chico,they come with their own little cards, saying what their names are,) who are now graceing my computer stand, so I can see them when I am on the catsite! And they weren't very expensive, there were small ones, maybe a couple inches tall, that were 7 dollars, then the medium ones (which is what I got) that were $12 each, and then larger ones that were $17 I think)
There is another one there that I am dying to get...don't know what it's name is, but he is standing on his hind legs, pawing the air, (like our babies tend to do... ) with this silly grin on his face!( I have decided to go back and get him!!!) :tounge2:
Just wanted to ask you all if you had ever seen them, cause I fell totally in love with them today!
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I haven't seen them. But, I have a bad habit of buying knick knacks and my husband hates them! I try to keep them at the minimum, so I hope I don't see any here in MA, I would have to buy one!!!
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I've seen them..they are soooo cute I'm going to drop a hint to hubby , they make good Christmas presents, they're pretty cheap !
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I live in a small place, and with 3 growing (ok, 2 growing, 1 grown) cats its getting smaller by the day! I already collect Angels, and on a smaller scale, Otters...so starting a cat collection would be silly if not stupid.

But I have seen these figures, and they are so cute! Very hard to resist!

Maybe I could put up a shelf or 2 and gain some space? my S.O. is kinda handy, although brick and block are his field, he may be able to help...hmmmmmmmm....

Darn You Debby! :LOL:
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I just saw them when I went to the foxwoods casino. Of course they were alot more expensive there!! They are just adorable.
Here is a link so everyone can see what they look like.

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Ok, I want Charley...and Caz...and Chico....and Chiquita...and of course Celine and Cleo ...oh heck, just gimme 1 of each! I'll pass on Caesar though, $103.00 is a little over my budget!

I'm off to Home Depot to get materials for shelves! :LOL:
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Caz! That's the name of the other one I want! Thanks Sandie for the link!!! If you go there, make sure to double click on the pictures (especially Chico and Caz) to see the expressions on their faces, the tiny pictures just don't do them justice!
I just love these guys! Although I think I will stop at three,(after I get Caz) I shouldn't have even spent the money on them, but I couldn't help it.
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I like the bears the best. They have them in our local drugstore and I always stop to look at them. It is unbelievable how light they are when you pick them up.
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