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dry food?

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is the dry food still good after sitting out for 24 hours or do i need to replace it?
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Originally Posted by HUNTER
is the dry food still good after sitting out for 24 hours or do i need to replace it?
I replace itevery 12-48 hours depending on if there eating it or not due to using foods that are natually peserved.I have been told that it is okay for a few days.like3-5.
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i keep refilling it with the leftover, i guess i can completely replace it every two days.
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You know I realized that I don't know the answer to this question because food doesn't last more than 5 minuets in my house (which is why they only get 1/2 cup a day)
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I read that dry cat food becomes stale afer 20minutes and that if you notice your cat/kitten not eating the food as the day goes on, it could be because its been sitting out too long.
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what i do is work out how much food the cat should have in a day then split it into 2. i put the first half out in the morning and the second half out just before i go to bed, i add the second half to any leftovers from that morning but before i feed the breakfast the next morning i throw away any leftovers, wash the dish and start fresh
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I also feed my cats twice a day. I only put out enough food that I know they will consume. This way the don't over eat and the food doesn't go stale....as fast.
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if you free feed that means leaving the kibbles day and night.
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We have no such problems here! Bijou and Mika are real little piggies. I free feed the dry food and often look to see the bowl is empty! Bijou gets a treat of a small can of wet food at supper time every night which he shares with Mika, and if I forget to feed him when I come home from work, he reminds me by standing up on my legs and walking around where the cans are kept.

In fact, when he got off his leash last week, I went to the door and just held up the can and he came running to the house.

I feed Performatrim (from Pet Valu). Apparently, according to our vet, it is one of the best foods available. The kitties obviously agree!
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I have a self feeder, I free feed. I've never noticed that the food is stale it looks the same and is crunchie because I hear Hershey eatiing it. I've done this since I've had him for 6 weeks and haven't had a problem at all.
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I throw out any food that isn't eaten.

The only way Lovey is picky is that he expects new food for each feed.
He will sit in front of his bowl waiting for me to put new food in it even if If forget and there is already food there.

I don't like the idea of it sitting out all day.
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Unless you have a huge free feeder and only one cat, there is no way for the food to go bad. It would have to sit out for days to weeks for anything wrong to be happening with it....for goodness sakes, cats eat dead rodents. lol

Our cats will also turn up their noses at times if there is food left and it is time to feed again. Just because the food loses its smell, doesn't mean it cannot be eaten or is bad.

This is one reason why it is good to keep the bags closed, so the smell lasts longer.

We put down food in the morning and at night to keep it smelling fresher, but if some is left over and they are screaming in the morning for more, when there is some left, we just mix fresh in with the rest and everyone is happy.
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hmm... i let mine stand out at least for a week.. i fill his bowl, put in 2 caps of l-lysine... and wait till he eats until i see the bottom of the bowl, then i throw the rest out and refill.

do you really think once a week is too long?
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