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My stray had her kittens on Tuesday. Sje had seven that we know of. Unfortunatly she ate one, so we currently have 6. One is really pink. Is this normal? How do you tell the sex? I will try to post pictures.
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Momcats can eat their young if they feel overwhelmed in the numbers delivered, or if one of the kittens is ill. If it doesn't smell right, mom will destroy it or move it out of the nest for a predator to take it. Keep you eyes on the other kittens, it is possible they might become ill as well.

Please get your momcat spayed after these kittens are weaned. That will help her out a great deal. When you say one is really pink- what exactly do you mean? If you pick up this pink kitten is it warm or cold in your hand, or is it hot? Is there fur?
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The one that is really pink may be a premature kitten. Female cats often mate several times and this little one may have been the result of the very last mating, hence making him premature. Is he furless? please visit www.kitten-rescue.com to find out how to tell the sex of the kittens and also how to care for a premature kitten.
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His/Her skin is pink and it doesn't have as much fur as the others. Is there anything specail I should be doing for the pink one. It is eating. I am not really worried about her eating another one. It was the 4th kitten that she ate. She is such a good mother. They are all doing well.

Once they are weaned I have planned to get her spayed and if she want to go back outside she can. I doubt she will.
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