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Please help! I've had cats all my life, but never run into this before. Baxter is a 10 week old male kitten, new arrival to the family where I have 2 other nuetered males; Dipstick, aged 5 yrs, & Hootie Hoo, aged 1 yr. Baxter has settled in very well, with Dippy & Hootie in full acceptance of him. This grinding doesn't occur every time he eats, but randomly. It's extremely loud, & will startle my two older males. Baxter isn't choking or gagging, and is eating kitten chow. I've tried moistening the food in case his little teeth were having problems, but still have the same awful noise. It is so loud, it will wake my 16 yr old daughter up in the middle of the night, & she sleeps downstairs from the food bowls!! Just to note, Baxter is very small compared to the rest of the litter. He is not the runtof the litter as there is a smaller male littermate. Also, baxter has goopy eyes, but the vet tells me they are not infected. I have been wiping his eyes with clean water dampened cottonballs from the outside corner to the inside corner, but he still has a discharge that collects & hardens on each side of his nose. I'd appreciate any & all advice!