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New job, cat throwing up liquid

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Hello! I need feedback!! I was at home (not working) since I got my cat a year and a half ago (when she was a kitten) until I started working just recently. She is indoor only and is of course, very attached to me in particular. We can go on trips for the w-e and leave her by herself, and she doesn't freak out much. But since I have started working, just 8-5 and even coming home for lunch sometimes, she has been throwing up almost every day. It is usuallly just liquid (there's hardly any food or hair in it). It is the color of her dry food (dark brown/red, but not blood) and she eats and drinks normally. If it was her food, she would be throwing IT up, wouldn't she? She also acts normally - is super excited to see us, play and cuddle. It litterally started the week I started working (almost 2 weeks now)...

Should I just assume it is the change around the house? I imagine it is. Her last check up was just a few months ago. And we don't leave any strings/elastics/toys that come apart - stuff she could injest... No change in diet, and she seems to be digesting fine.

I'd love some feedback before the vet tells me she needs to take drastic measures! Just seems like since she's acting normal, she shouldn't be sick...

THanks a bunch.
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Vomiting a lot is always a concern because of what the cat is losing while she is vomiting, mainly fluids. Unchecked, she could become dehydrated quickly and very ill. If you haven't made major food changes in her diet, and she is continuing to vomit up liquid, I would take her to the vet. There is a possibility that she found something in the corner of your home while you were not there, and ate it, and that is making her ill. But before you look at behavioral changes, please rule out a health issue first-
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