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Sucking is (usually) from being separated from momma too soon. We got Willow when she was 6 weeks old and she suckled us. Actually, come to think of it, she still does, but she sucks on blankets instead, and kneads while she does it. On the other hand, we got Buffy when she was 4 weeks (she was orphaned, and probably at 3 weeks). I don't think she's ever suckled anything except the milk bottle. She's tried copying Willow's "Suck-a-blanket" motto, but she just smooshes her face into the blanket and drools, doesn't really suck. Some cats do it "just because", others do it because they were separated from mommy too soon, and others don't do it even though they have good reason to.
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Little Peppy is giving me a fat lip right now. He latches on when he wants to sleep and sucks / purrs himself to sleep. I can't get him to latch on to anything else - my own fault thou cause I let him do it.
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One of my male Kittens, called Biscuit, is almost 6 months old and has been sucking on my ear since about 3 weeks after we got him. He also sucks on my neck, but prefers my earlobe. I have had 2 cats in the past, and neither have done this. Is it something he will grow out of, or do I have to look forward to many years of trying to get to sleep with a cat attached to my ear, sucking and purring, and claws digging in my head!
Its very cute, but a little annoying sometimes!!
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Radar likes to suck fingers, when I am cuddling him he will very gently grab my hand between his paws (claws safely tucked away) and pull it towards his mouth, there is no stopping him and he will literally get your finger right in to the back of his mouth if you let him.
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