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kittie manicures

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I was just wondering...

How many of y'all clip your cats' claws? We've been doing it since we got them as kittens and they have no problem with it. Seems like every other cat owner I've said this to looks at me like I'm an alien!
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we clip....some react a little stronger than others, but if I pick the right time, it all goes well.
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Meish has become very tolerant of getting her claws done. She just sits up in my lap and lets me get it over with. Her from paws are a little more sensitive than her rear paws so she will fuss a little with the fronts. But I'm bigger than she is so she'll stay put.
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Sierra has her manicure once a week, and has since she was a baby. She tolerates our routine quite nicely.
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Zoey goes to the groomer...
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Yes, I clip, and sometimes they tolerate it well. If not, we do one or two paws and finish later!
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Gibby fights when we make him do anything like that, however, we still do it, Paige is pretty good about it, but Molly we wrap up into a towel and hug her while the other does her paws.. she's generally too confused to make much of a stink.
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i put mine tolerate it, but only when they're VERY mellow! actually, i only clip Cable - Pixel only has rear claws, which i check but they rarely need attention. Cable gets her front ones done every week or 2, & the back ones when i can lull her into a false sense of security (i.e. she's asleep or close to it!). i use human toenail clippers, & they work fine.
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Felicia goes to the vet. I cut her nail too close the first I did them. Now she won't even let me touch her paws. I used to try and clip them but she put up such a fuss, it made me too nervous.
I clip Beau's nails, but not all at once. He starts out ok, but starts to wiggle before I finish. So I clip front and back separately.
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We clip Bijou and Mika's nails at least every 2 weeks or more often if we feel the need to do so. Bijou suckles my neck and kneads my face and neck so his need to be clipped regularly.

We started out when they were kittens and started by handling their paws so they would be comfortable with this and we also use human clippers - no problem. In fact, I just did both of them last night before bed.
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I cradle mine with one arm so they are lying on their backs. Then I can still use both hands to clip their paws and keep them comfy. THey try to pull their feet away but if I hold firmly I get them clipped. They dont try to bite or scratch, just meow a bit. A treat afterwards is always a good thing to give them so that they kow at least they get something good after getting their nails cut. Liek lollypops at the doctors ^_^
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I wrap Monte is a blanket so he is warm and comfortable. He lets me clip his nails and then I give him a treat after! He does not seem to mind it at all, but I have trimmed his nails about one a week since I got him.
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I voted yes and they tolerate it well. They get their claws cut every other week.
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It's really a good idea to clip a cats claws. Especially an indoor cat that isn't climbing trees and hunting and doing other stuff! Especially with inside cats, their claws can grow down and under untill they start puncturing their pads. I had a friend that I work with that asked me about clipping claws just last week. She never clipped her cats claws because her husband said it was mean. But her cat was walking like it was in pain. She came to work today and sure enough.... she said she finally clipped her cats claws the other day and indeed they were growing under and poking at his pads.

BTW Sam... that's a really cute kitten in your siggy
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Mine are both pretty good about it. I do front paws only on a regular basis, but every once in a while I'll get the back paws too (that's a struggle). Pixie will fight a little bit, but she doesn't scratch or bite and we can usually get both paws done at once. Milo is pretty good too, though he does try to bite the clippers sometimes, he's sees it as yet another toy lol.
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Oliver has no problem with it: we had him since he was 4 wks old, so its just a part of his reality

Emma, who we acquired when she was around 10 months old, wants nothing to do with it! We're working with her on it, just handling her paws and trying to keep her calm...she's still got aways to go!
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I've worked with Izzie since she was 10 days old so she is used to having her paws touched. She tolerates having her claws trimmed fairly well. I don't have a set routine. I trim as needed.
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