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Some of our cats..it worked!

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Hissy, they are beauuuutiiifullll!!! I wish I could have that many kitties!! They all look so happy and healthy too!!
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Hissy they are all gorgeous! And a nice variety of colors too! :0
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What a lovely bunch of babies!!
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I'm so glad you made this work!

They are all so beautiful, its great to see them all on one page!

I especially love the pic of the 3 in the cat bed, and the one of the white kitty in the tree, and the kitty/dog pic, and Tractor Butt, and....oh never mind, I love them all!

What a wonderful "family" you have! If I didn't love and admire you so much, I'd be jealous!
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Okay Hissy,

What's your secret and how long did it take you to figure it out? Great pictures!
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and then I found the instructions left by Anne. You just put your photos on the web somewhere to get the URL's. Then in the subject box you put in your url inside the box- not using the IMG help above it. Right before the url you hit the square brackets key and frame the letters IMG in upper case around themleaving no spaces between and then in the end of the url you use the same keys to frame in / img lower case this time leaving no spaces.And then when you preview the posts all the pics are there. (I tried to show this formula in this post but all it showed was a photo box with an x in it, so I had to write out the explanation.

Thanks for the compliments everyone, these aren't all my kitties, but they are some of them........ And none of them are spoiled or anything, just leave that thought behind you....
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Hissy your babies are just precious!! What little luv luvs!
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more! more!
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Hissy, if someone was to scan my pictures and email them to me, then I can post them here? I mean, thats the URL? I am still new at these things. Whats the URL? As soon as I get them in my email, I will pm you and then you can email me with these simple instructions. And how do you cut them down to the right size?
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When you get them in email, just send them to me and I will post them for you or walk you through it, whatever you prefer. You have to have them posted on the Internet in order to put them on the Internet. Or at least, that is how I do it, but I would be happy to help you. The URL is just a short name for the address where the photo is found. I can't remember what it stands for though?
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My God, just how many cats do you have?!?!

Last night I dreamt that I had something like 20 or 30 new cats all of different colors... the first two problems were 1) to find a name for each of them and 2) to arrange tens of litterboxes! Then when I woke up I only found my 3 kitties. Half sorry half relieved...
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I have 21 cats, started with 4 then more came or were dumped here, we have property and a barn so I guess people think we should have cats. Now, I think it's just a given in town, got a litter of kitties, there is a woman outside of town that takes them..........sigh I do try to find homes for them, but the ones I have in my colony all came here as adults and they are hard to place. So they remain here.
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