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Already a month old!

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Hi everyone! Here are some updated pics of the kittens. They are One Month and 6 days old.






Sorry the photos are not that great. But they would NOT sit still.

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Aw they're all so sweet! though, roxie looks just like her mam!
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Bear is so damn cute!!!!! Thank you for the lovely pictures of your babies
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Oh those pics are so cute!!!! Kiddies are just the most adorable things! I am in love with Casper and Roxi! Thanks for sharing!
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A very cute little family, indeed.
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Sweet fuzzy kittens. They are adorable.
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I just realized how creepy Pepper looked in his pic. He was meowing at me.
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Hee hee, that is why you see so many good pictures of SLEEPING kittens ;-). Thanks for sharing your cute babies.
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You have 2 Caspers?
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Originally Posted by gemlady
You have 2 Caspers?
LOL, no...Im just retarded. Thanks for pointing that out
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OH!!! They are adorable. I want them ALL. I love their names, too.
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Awww all cute
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Your kitties are so cute, nice pics.
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Thanks everyone..I am very proud of my new fur babies...they now sleep in my bed with me
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aww my gosh they are sooo cute!
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Awwww, baby kitties! They are sooo adorable!
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Oh! They are growing up so beautifully. Bear is quite a looker!!!
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