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Hi, im new this is my 6 month old kitten called Tilly , We have just found out she is having kittens ,bit of a shock due anyday soon.She must have been pregnant when we got her 6 weeks ago.Just hope everything goes ok when shes having them,,,,,Tell me what you think of my little kitten?
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Very cute
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How can a cat that young have babies?
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Very nice photo. Such a cutie!
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Originally Posted by batgirl2good
How can a cat that young have babies?
It is physically possible for a cat that young to get pregnant. Its just not wise since they are so young. I'm not surprised the shelter didn't realise she was pregnant at that age. I just hope this is her last litter! (hint hint!)
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Hi Tillygirl!
What a such beutiful girl!!! simply is sooooo precious!!!
Welcome boths at the TCS!!

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Awww, she is sooooooo pretty!!!!
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Hi welcome to the site, Tilly is beautiful.
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Hello and welcome!!!
Tilly is beautiful!
Sending good vibes for healthy kittens!

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What a pretty kitty!
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She's so beautiful!
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