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Are Cats like Humans?

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I know when I was pregnant, I was about as klutzy as them come. Trixie is pregnant with (they think) 3 kittens and is due (around) May 15 (no skeletons were seen on the xray 1 week ago but she's not been in heat for at least 5 weeks). Anyway, the last few days she's been really klutzy. She's missing jumps, even only a few inches away and twice she's fallen. Before this week, she was as agile as most cats, making every jump and always landing on her feet. Is this normal?? Her tummy doesn't look overly large...there's a definite bulge but she doesn't *appear* to be nearing the end.
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While I cannot say for certain that cats are like humans in this way, I do know that my own queen was horribly klutzy during the late stage of her pregnancy. I think it is the extra weight and body mass that makes the difference.
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I wish I had a way of telling exactly how far along she is I hate the not knowing part.
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Yes, I imagine it must be frustrating. At least with my cats, I plan the matings and so I know almost down to the minute when to start freaking out. *wink*
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hehehe...planning? ROFL I'd have liked to have known in the first place....I can't say I'm entirely surprised as her previous owner was...well...lacking to say the least. I think because I've never experienced this I'm just sooo afraid I'll miss something important ya know? I don't even know where to set stuff up for her cause there's no such thing as a quiet place in my home LOL
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It will be OK so long as you do exactly as SHE pleases. LOL

In all seriousness, where does she normally sleep? That would be the place to set her up with the nesting box. If it is someplace inconvenient (like MY cat who sleeps with me in my bed - and who decided that NO PLACE else would do to deliver her babies *sigh*) then I might suggest letting her have them there, then moving them to an extra large dog crate once everyone is delivered and settled in. I let Lexus have the babies on my bed (I put down incontinence pads then her fav blankie which I can wash in hot water and bleach) and once she is finished, I move everyone to the crate which is set up with a heating pad under the back edge and layers of torn up old sheets and a fleecy bed in the front part. I can leave the door open until the babies get a little older and start to move around. You don't have to spend a lot of money on the crate if you don't already have one - I got mine at Wal-Mart (at 3 in the morning too!) for about $50 and since you probably won't be using yours again, you can always sell it on Ebay for about what you paid for it. ~gf~
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Ugghhh...won't my hubby be oh so impressed LOL I work nights....I have no idea where Trixie sleeps at night though I'm willing to bet it's not in our room LOL Ever since one of the cats had a wee accident on our bed, hubby has been set against them in our room. But, while I'm sleeping during the day, I can stand the scratching and moaning if I DON'T let them in LOL Trixie then plants herself firmly in the triangle my legs make and doesn't move till I get up LOL. I suppose so long as she doesn't pick one of the kids' rooms we'll be good to go LOL. I don't have a crate but I do have several multi-sized cages from rabbits, guineas and assorted other starys that have come and gone.
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