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Help with cats not getting along, please!

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Ok... I've been reading through the forum posts, and have seen a lot of information on how to introduce your cats, but not really anything (that I can find) about helping cats that don't get along! (Other than Feliway, which I'm going to try sometime soon!)

Here's a brief overview of the problem. Before we were married, my husband had one cat (Annie), and I had two (Lilith and Maris). Annie is about 4yrs old, and my two are about 6 or 7. Anyhow, I had done a lot of reading up on how to introduce your cats, and followed a lot of what was advised on here.

The situation is different, however, in that when we finally did give our cats time together, they got along pretty well. There were the usual few little hisses and growls, but then everything was fine.

Well, at least for a while. Two or three months later, it started to change. All of the sudden, Lilith (one of mine) and Annie (my husband's) stopped getting along, for no apparent reason. Now, I realize there probably WAS a reason, but no obvious one to us. Annie can be a little over-agressive when she plays, etc., and I think she may have gotten that way with Lilith, I don't know. But ever since (so for about the last year or so) they just don't get along. They go through phases where it's a little better for a while, and lately it's been worse. In fact, Annie ended up with a bite on her side that turned into an infected absess and a $250 trip the the emergency vet! We can't keep the separated all the time, really, and we don't like that Annie spends a good deal of time on top of the refrigerator when Lilith is around.

Any words of advice? I am totally open to the Feliway, but I was hoping there might be something else we could try in addition? We are getting ready to move into a house in about a month or two, so I think we might wait until then to try the Feliway, since they will be claiming new territories, etc.

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try to foster a positive relationship between them, Play with them together and give each one equal attention. Have them eat and sleep together. Encourage them to groom each other by wiping them down with a damp cloth. There is a chance they may never get along perfectly. perhaps after moving the new space will provoke a change in attitude amongst them.
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