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Wish me Luck

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Tomorrow I start going to the gym...gotta shed some extra pounds. I'll need the support! :tounge2:
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You know, if I had the time, I would start going again. I think the first 2 weeks is the hard part and then once you get over being stiff, sore and tired, you actually start to feel much better and more energetic. I started to look forward to going. I am sure you will do just fine, make sure you take some music that really gets you going
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I am wishing you lots of luck! I need to shed a few x-tra pounds myself, but am going to wait till after christmas, there are just too many temptations around the holidays!

I hope you do well, and those pounds just fly off!

Let us know how it goes! ( I need some inspiration)
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Thanks guys I used to go to the gym every day a few years back, after my son was born and I lost nearly 50 lbs in about 3 months! I was eating well and had so much energy. Well, I've gained the 50 back plus more, so I've got lots of work to do After I lost all that weight, hubby and I moved halfway across the country (we've since moved back home ) and I got so depressed I just ate and ate. My brother-in-law goes to the same gym I'll be going to so at least I'll have someone to talk to
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I have a friend to every year on January 1, goes on a diet and loses a ton of weight. Well, this year, he and I are going to do it together. Lately, I've been feeling pretty tired, what with working alot of extra hours and being busy with so many other things. I've cut WAY back on my schedule (which has also cut down on the mileage and wear and tear on my car) but still feel a little tired. I've attributed it to the weight I've put on from my hysterectomy. So it's time to do something about it.

Good luck. Keep me posted!
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Well I survived my first day at the gym ! I was able to do alot more than I thought I'd be able to do. I actually spent 20 minutes on the stair climber The thing with me is, if I go workout I refuse to eat junk food as I feel its a waste of the time I spent at the gym . So one feeds the other which is great! It really helps my reslove with eating crappy food. I paid for a monthly membership too, so I'm obligated for at least that long!
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good luck Melissa

my only advice is not to push it in the beginning, just do what you can until you get
more and more in shape.

i still want to try yoga...
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