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help! Wormed cat that still scoots!!

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Dax has been wormed regularly, and I have even changed wormer to make sure I am covering all the types I can, but she sometimes still scoots along the floor on her bottom - fairly often lately and my partner and I cant stand it!!
She will often do it after using her tray. I have never seen any worms, and she doesnt appear to have any other problems. She is a 1 yr old healthy cat.

Why is she doing this!!?? I have never had a cat that does this before. I had a theory that it was our clumpy litter sticking to her after using the tray, or perhaps her longish butt fur was causing it but I have even shaved her backside with the clippers a little bit, however the problem is still occuring.
Anyone who knows anything about this - please, we need your advice!!
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if you are using an over the counter wormer, they flat do not work. You will need a vet visit, a fecal exam so the vet can tell you if the cat has worms and what type of worms she has-

Scooting does not always mean worms, it could be that the cat has impacted anal glands (again a vet visit is necessary) or there is a hair that is going into the rump and causing the cat some discomfort, or there is another health issue brewing.
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Its very odd - its like she doesnt quite get her business finished in the tray and then has to scoot the rest off on the floor. A little chunk of love fell off her bum on my partner this morning while lying in bed... not happy.
Anyway, we are due for shots and checkup so I'll see what the vet thinks. Thanks
Kim & Dax
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Hissy's right - could be anal glands. What you're describing is exactly what my cat used to do. Every so often I'd have to take her to the vet to get the glands "expressed". Thankfully, she no longer has that problem.

It sounds like you may need to add some fiber to your cat's diet in the form of finely chopped veggies like zucchini, carrots, yellow squash, or green peas (but NO onions). Small amounts of veggies are fine for cats (about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon mixed into her canned food) and will help her eliminate properly. You can also use canned pumpkin or psyllium powder. Mix a small amount of the powder with water to get a "gel" which you can mix into the food.

As Hissy said, please don't use over-the-counter worming meds. They are very harsh, and shouldn't be given repeatedly. Worming should only be done with the guidance of your vet and when there is evidence (from a stool sample) that it's needed.
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Thanks for the advice

It was her anal sacs - vet took care of it the other day. I am trying the psyllium husks, just a little in her food as a gel, as a preventative from now on. The vet didnt think the fiber would help much but I figure its worth a try. She seems to be feeling much better though - no more scooting!
thanks again
Kim & Dax
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