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Too many "play attacks"

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My friend has the MOST adorable kitty, named Leo. He looks like a little lion, and acts like one too.

The friend: But he really likes to "play attack", and we've been trying to train him with a spray water bottle. At first it worked well, and we stopped using it for a little while, but now he's back to his old tricks and the water has no affect..

Jenny: Yeah..that... I try to pet Leo, and he get "excited" and grabs my arm, giving me a few nips. Any reasons why he does this? He doesn' seem to be angry, just playin, but it HURTS.

How can my friend train him out of this? Why does he do it?

The friend (again): BTW, he's about 8 or 9 months old now.


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Give Leo an outlet for all of that energy.

CatDancer! TurboScratcher! Da Bird! You can buy all of that stuff -- plus a couple of catnip mice -- for ~$20-25.

Get Leo involved with those interactive games and then give out treats after a successful play session. That re-enforces/trains Leo to use the games as his outlet for his "attack" instincts. That way he doesn't start play-stalking his caretaker or other unwelcome stuff.

(I wouldn't use a squirt bottle of water -- not that effective as a deterrent and it isn't really my style.)
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Hmmm...that sounds like a good idea. I'll let my friend, Paige, know that. Anymore suggestions? Would praising Leo for letting us pet him help?
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I am not a expert but, is he a only kitty cat toys are great for getting out energy my oldest cat was a handful i bought book after book the thing that worked was when i got her a sister to play with they wore eachother out but toys are good praising is good and I use a water bottle and blowing in the face when one of my furkids gets a little ruff I dont declaw my cats so if they Grab on one quick blow they let go
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Whenever our cats would get a little too aggressive with biting, I would firmly press on the top of their nose, say no firmly low toned, not loud or fast and pull my hand out. It has always worked for us. But with a full grown cat, being used to having his way for awhile, no idea. But it always worked with the kittens. Now all I have to do is touch, not hit or slap, but just touch the top of their nose and say no and they open their mouths right up.
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Great tips guys! I'll be sure to tell Paige!
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To be honest, I have a badass cat too....in the best of meanings
If I do not exercise my cat (and he isn't a kitling...he is 2 years old), I pay for it with misdirected playtime aggression.
If I play with Lovey twice per day, he is the most lovable thing around...I use Da bird, and his bouncy balls (he fetches..its one of his fave games)...But if I am diligent about playing, he repays that with absolute tenderness.
If I don't, he may not be as bad as your friend's cat in terms of biting and whatnot, but he will be an absolute nuisance and he won't be happy.

So, this is all good advice and I hope your friend heeds it
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