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Cat with holes in skin

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Hi There
My cat has had these "abcesses" since October. She was taken to the vet and they cleaned up all of her wound area. She had a sore on her back near her tail. She had 3 or 4 more going down her right leg. She also has these holes under her right leg. She has a lump which the first doctor thought it was a mammory gland tumor. She was given Clavamox and Chlorhexidine Flush. I was to clean her wounds every day with the flush. She ended up with diarrhea from the Clavamox and that was it. It never helped her. Since this time she has been to 2 other doctors. The last one was a dermatologist. She did not know what caused this problem. She has been on Doxycycline and Marbofloxacin. I was also given ChlorhexiDerm shampoo to bathe her wounds. The last medication she was on was a combination of Doxycycline and Clofazimine. The latter was a liquid and is used to treat Leprosy. I had her on this stuff for 1 month and she was so sick from the diarrhea that she looked like she wanted to die. So I took her off of all the meds and removed her surgical collar which she has been wearing for 5 months. The dermatologist said that the lump was a gland that is swollen from the infection. She eats drinks and acts ok. But I am sure she must be in pain.

She originally was an outdoor cat that my sister befriended. She said that she has gotten the sores and they go away. But, this last time when they got worse is when she brought her to the vet and to my house for me to take care of her. She stays indoors now. My sister mentioned that she saw Mockingbirds and Blue jays dive bombing her while she just laid there and did nothing.

So if anyone has had a similar experience with a cat, please let me know.

She is 9 years old and not even sure if she is spayed since she was a stray.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
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I dont have any help, but poor kitty! You are great for trying to help, I am sure pat & alex or hissy will come along with something to help. I just want to say your in my thoughts and good healthy vibes!
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Thanks for the thoughts. She is such a sweet kitty. She now keeps my other female kitty company since I lost her 2 friends 2 years ago when they were 17 years old. I am hoping that someone will have advice for me on this. I hope that someone out there has had the same problem. She likes to bake in the sun!
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Here is some info about abcesses. It's kind of complicated, but maybe you can print it out for your vet to see.

It is from Tally's site, a great resource with many health related links!

Good luck with this kitty!
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wow poor kitty- did you see this link?

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Hissy has also had great success using Transfer Factor -- MA, can you expand and possibly assist this little kitty? It just sounds like a good case for the TF.
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Thanks for the links. Especially the one site who hads a cat with the same problem! I will be printing that out to give it to my vet. Or I will call them and just ask the nurse to ask the doctor.
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