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I voted Keefe....sounds almost like Keifer....since I'm in love with Keifer Sutherland and your little boy is so loveable....thought it was the right choice I'm sure whatever you choose, though, will be absolutely perfect since you're the only one of us who really knows his persoanlity!
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now i seen the way they are said, i like BO! i think thats a gorgeous name
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i like Beau
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Awwwwwwww, What a sweetheart! I definately say Beau.
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He is a handsome specimen! Beau is my choice!
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Originally Posted by clixpix
Hmm...I guess now that I think of it, I was just pronouncing them the way I thought they would be said. Here's what I was thinking:
Asher: the way it's spelled
Hani: hahnee
Trace: the way it's spelled
Kasch: Kahsh
Beau: Bo
Calix: Kalicks (flat "a")
Keefe: Keef
Bali: Bahli (like the country)
Dima: Deema

Does that help?

Also, a woman I'm working with trapped another male tonight who is currently in my bathroom. Hopefully he'll go to the vet tomorrow for a neuter. He's dark gray with a white chest, nose, and paws. He's really handsome too. Maybe I'll give him the runner-up name.
This new male that was caught since he's in the bathroom can be called JOHN .

As for the black beauty you have there I'm voting for Beau. Asher was my first thought but then I realized you'd nick name him Ash and other people might be thinking you're saying A**!
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I like Keefe, I adore the gaelic language, it is so beautiful...and so is he. But I think all the names would be fitting,,,(except Bob)!!
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Originally Posted by clixpix
I have a new kitty that I trapped Monday, and am starting the socialization process. He's a long haired black male with big 'ol yellow eyes, and he's gorgeous (at least he will be when his hair grows back where they had to take out numerous burrs and mats). The problem is I cannot decide on a name. I want to give him something with meaning and strength, so I searched a baby name site and came up with some that I liked the way they sounded, had a good meaning, and reflected attributes he has, or I would like him to have.

Help! Let's play...Name That Cat!

There are a couple of pictures of him on my later post...isn't he a beauty?
I chose Asher because it means lucky and blessed and he IS lucky to have been caught and have a chance at a good loving home!
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Wow, he is gorgeous! Those are some fabulous names you have chosen! I decided on Calix because I think it sounds beautiful and strong, just how he looks. But I think that anything you settle on will be more than fitting. I am impressed with your choices! Very beautiful names. Also, as you begin to see and get to know more of his personality, I bet one of the names will just suddenly scream at you and you will know in your heart what name he is destined to have. Good luck and keep us up to date!
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I chose Beau.
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He is absolutely georgeous - I voted for Bali - I think it suits him - he looks like a mighty warrior - although now he won't have to be such a warrior as he will have a loving home.
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I voted for Beau, because he looks so much like a friend's cat, whose name is "M. le Duc".
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