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hi all

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Hi I haven't been here in awhile.... sry.... have a question tho.... I am getting very aggravated with our cat Roxxie. She has all of a sudden out of the blue.... started wetting on the floor. She is using her litter box for #2 just not peeing in there.... Can anyone help me... FAST!!!!!! ~cher~
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Hi maybe you should to put your question here
my best wishes!
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Hi welcome to the site.
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I'm not sure...are you keeping the litterbox cleaned out? Maybe you should get another litterbox, because lots of time they like to go #1 in one, and #2 in another.

Someone with better advice should be by shortly I hope! Good luck and keep us posted!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi, glad you've returned, Cher!Your first action should be to take your kitty to the Vet to rule out a health issue. Hope you find the answers you desire and enjoy your time here with us!
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Hello, welcome back!
A sudden change in behavior may indicate a health problem. Check with the vet first!
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hi and welcome to the site
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Hello and welcome!!!
I agree with Stephanie, a vet visit is in order with any sudden changes in behavior.

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I took her to the vet and he said everything was fine with her. Could it be that it's because she is in heat? I'm in the middle of deciding if I should mate her or just have her spayed. Any pro's or con's on this???????????? She is such a pretty dilute calico persian I would love to see her have 1 litter.... but is this good for her or is she better off just getting spayed? Any advise would be helpful....
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Hi and Welcome
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hi and welcome. your puss cat sounds beautiful.
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