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The Gong Show! I saw that the other nite and almost died laughing. Chuck Barris walking around clapping his hands and can barely get the joke out (part of the act)...I used to think he was sooo cute in his little boy kinda way. JP Morgan, Jamie Farr, and Arty Shaw...whatever happened to those folks?
Oh jeeeeeeeeeez, and those acts...too much!

Wayne, do you remember "Branded"?????
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Sheriff John, Hobo Kelly, Atom Ant and Secret Squirrel, Mannix, Rockford Files, and ugh every Sunday we had to sit down as a family and watch Lawrence Welk......
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I used to HATE The Lawrence Welk show. We had to do that too as a family.

But and I hate to admit it...We watch him on PBS almost every Sunday late afternoon. now how about that!!!!!!!
annn a one - a and a two - a:tounge2:
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the rockford files?!?!

I used to really like that one as well
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But I just remembered Sea Hunt, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
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yes, oh yes - and what about Combat?
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Deb you're the best!!! I loved that show and if you liked that...well of course you remember Hogan's Hero's

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Rat Patrol! Used to love that show. Deb Combat shows in reruns on one of our cable channels. Still B/W too
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We are dating ourselves here girls! BUT..........Rat patrol was a good one too and Hogan's Heros - too bad that Bob ended up like that!
One we have not mentioned I don't think anyways....the Jackie Gleason show - with skits like the poor soul and of course......THE HONEYMOONERS!
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The HONEYMOONER'S! Right! I haven't seen that forever! I loved Jackie Gleason and Art Carney...What a pair! I can't for the life of me remember the women's names and they were so hysterical too. I'm sure you know Deb, obviously we're from the same era! :laughing2
or error on our birth certificates! :LOL:
Okay, does anyone remember "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea?" That was pretty wild too! :jarswim:

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Trixie and Alice - Audrey Meadows played Alice, but I cannot remember who played Trixie!

Was Richared Baseheart in Voyage to the Bottom.......?
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YES ....that was Richard Basehardt! He was sooo good looking too!

OOOOOO...I just found out that Trixie's was named "Joyce Randolf!"

Love ya,
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OOOOO... Car 54 Where Are Yoooooooooou! :laughing: Starsky & Hutch and one of my favorite too "That Girl"...Marlo Thomas...she reminded me of a cat! :LOL:
OMG...I keep thinking of 'em..."Baretta'' with Robert Blake and his cockatoo Fred...I loved that bird!
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Here are some that I don't remember but heard my father talk about:
Route 66, 77 Sunset Strip, Maverick and Dick Van Dyke Show. I really like this thread. Some of you know just about every TV show that was on from way back.
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:laughing2 Gee, I wonder why? :laughing2 :laughing2
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I love the Dick Van Dyke show, but I only know it from reruns.

I'm not a big physical comedy person (don't like the Stooges, for example) but one of the amazing things to me was the way that man could control his body. I used to try to do some of his bits myself, and I couldn't, you know, I just couldn't make my body move like that. Rowan Atkinson is the same - like that scene in Mr. Bean (the show, not the movie) where he is on the high diving board at the public pool? He can just do these things with his body that us average folks can't. I'm in awe of that ability.

I forgot about That Girl, but again I only saw it in reruns.

Does anyone remember Bridget Loves Bernie? I think it had Meredith Baxter and David Birney, and I think it's how they met and got married, but perhaps I'm confused because the names sound the same.
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I always liked The Munsters, The Beverly Hillbillies, Rawhide. OH, NO, I'M OLD!!!
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Brinag on another cane and rocking chair, Kittyfoot....I remember all those old westerns....and how about Rin-Tin-Tin? The most special show from my childhood was back in about was called I Remember MaMa. Does anyone remember that one?
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I just remembered My Mother The Car and My Favorite Martian
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My dad used to love ALF. That show used to drive me crazy!
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Prepare yourselfs because I have a long list of shows I watched:
The Incredible Hulk, Dukes of Hazard, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, The Jeffersons, Silver Spoons, Different Strokes, Punky Bruster, Growing Pains, Family Ties, Perfect Strangers, Small Wonder, Little House on The Praires, Three's Company, Cosby Show, Emergency! Hooker, Chips(the cops in the motorcycle),Gilligan's Island, Life Goes On,Cheers, Wonder Woman, Smurfs, I used to be in love with He-Man, Ninja Turtles, Pac Man, Chip and Dale, Sesame Street, Superfriends, Tom and Jerry, Casper, and I used to watch Great Space Coaster. Timmy and Lassie, Benson, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Underdog. I have others but can't think of them right now. I will keep you posted.
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