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Problem with 2 adult males

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I have two male cats Peachy and Speedy and it is to the point where I have to keep them in far away from each other. Everytime they get near each other a fight starts. They are both declawed but those teeth still hurt and back claws.
Peachy always wants to sniff Speedy and that causes problems. Speedy does not want Peachy near him.
We had Peachy 1st then got Speedy. There are 7 years between them.
I just do not know what to do so they will get along or atleast be able to have both of them in the house again.
Speedy does get along with my kitten just fine. But he really hates Peachy.
Peachy has a big attitude problem the past year. He has attacked me and my hubby. I still have scares on my arm from where he got me. (7 teeth punctures) I am not sure why he has changed so much. It can be with in a min. he will be all nice and giving kisses then he will freak out and go nuts.
Does anyone have any ideas for me to try so the cats will get along?
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How long have you had both cats? Are any of them fixed?
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I have had Peachy since he was a kitten and he is fixed and declawed. Speedy we have had for about 6 months he lived with my mother in law b4 that he is also fixed and declawed.
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And they both just started acting this way recently? I noticed you said , this past year...has the one cat always ahd a problem with the otehr cat? Maybe they are just two alpha males and want their own space

I am sure there will be more people to come help you soon.
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I have had Speedy for around 6 months, but Peachy started his attitude b4 he came into our home. Peachy was always with other cats he had another male cat that was older that use to live with use until he passed then another female that we gave to my friend.
I knew at 1st that when we brought Speedy home they would have there problems jsut like when you bring any new cat into a house where there are already cats. I figured they would work out there problems over time. But it is not working out that way. They still act like they want to kill each other.
If they are both alpha males there is probably not much I can do to get them to get along. I would be happy if I could get them to the point where they will let each other in the house. lol We have to have Peachy in our basement most of the time and I hate it. I bring him up all the time and play with him and let him play in the room I am in but at night I have to have him go down there or all heck breaks out.
I hope I can figure something out.
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I feel for you...sometimes two cats just do not get along no matter how much time is given or how big the house is. I wish you the best of luck

Hopefully someone else will have info on what might help. We have never really had issues with cats getting along because I was always very careful about bringing adult cats into the house...knowing it was risky...but many people do and it can work out...hopefully those people can help you
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Thnx 5catsandcountin. I have never had problems with adult cats b4. I have always gotten kittens for my adult cats so they will have friends. I have to say this is a new one for me.
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Yea, we do a lot of kittens and young cats. We have rescued adult cats when I was in my teens and know how hard it fan be for everyone to adjust. Is there a good home the other cat can go to? I know it sounds terrible..but is it a good option?
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The reason we took in Speedy is because my mother in law moved and he is an older cat (11 or 12 I cant remember) Peachy is my big baby even with his attitude. he has always chewed and licked on my hair. I have a huge bond with him. (even after the attacks he gives me)
If I cant get them to get along things will have to stay how it is I guess. Or if Peachy got worse then he might have to go to a new home where he is the only cat. But that would be the last option!!!
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I isn't easy. How is SPeedy with other people? Since Peachy was your cat and you took in Speedy, is Speedy the one that could be paced in a goood home?
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Speedy is great now. When he was living with my inlaws he was not so nice. he would hiss and growl as soon as you got near him. Now he comes up on my lap and wants pet and even purrs.
I dont think hubby would let me put Speedy in a different home since he grew up with Speedy when he lived with his parents.
This is just a tough spot I am in with these 2 cats.
I know my hubby is getting tired of how Peachy is acting and it makes me mad that he wants to pick "his" cat over mine.
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Great, so we have one cat that is basically hubbies and one that is easy! lol

You mentioned a does this kitten fit with Peachy?
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Pum Pum (Pumpkin) is the family cat.
She is great with Speedy that is the good news.
bad news is she thinks she can kick Peachys butt. lol It is funny becuse she is so tiny next to him.
Peachy is pretty good with her he jsut sniffs her he really does not try to fight. She is the one that will hiss and get all puffy. Then he will do a hiss and his tail will get huge. But they get along much better then Peachy and Speedy.
I have a house full of cats with attitudes I think. lol
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yes Julia, I think you do. lol

Well again, maybe someone will come along and give you some advice..have you tried the Feliway?? That is supposed to help a lot with attitudes.
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I have not tried that heck this is the 1st time I have heard of it. Might have to look into it. Thanks.
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Well, it hasn't worked for some and others swear by it. By far it is cheaper on ebay than anywhere else I have looked. There are a ton of threads about Feliway. Good luck!
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