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Personally, I would insist on staying with Pansy just because she is so fragile. But that's me!
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I wouldn't want to leave her either, BUT i know it would upset me to see her if she's scared and that would probably make the cat worse?!.

Do you think you could handle it if she was?

I would tell them everything about her just so they know.

When you bring her home i'd just let her go where she wants because she may just want to hide away for a short while until she feels calm enough to come back out.
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What a doll! Good luck with dealing with Pansy's old owner. Our Emma was found on the street in the middle of a Chicago snowstorm, having just given birth to kittens (Lord knows what happened to them) and was probably tossed out by her owners because of her pregnancy. Fortunately for the previous owners, we never found them..because I probably would have thrown a molotov cocktail in their window! Just kidding...sort of.
It's been a slow road to complete health, and a slower road to helping her adjust to our household. She was found in February, and came to our house March 1st. She's finally a normal weight, and her coat is taking on a great shine.
I'm sure with your obvious love and devotion she'll be thriving in no time--its amazing how resilient these babies are!
Keep us posted!
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Thanks the advice. It's difficult thinking of her going through stress when she deserves peace now but it has to be done. My first thought was that I must stay with her but the lady said that there's not a lot of room and often the cats and dogs are worse for seeing their owners all concerned. it's true I would be ooohing and owwwing for her. I might take her in, she how she responds to the place and the people, then if she's shakey I can stick with her. When we get home, we'll leave her in peace till she comes to us - probably to ask for food.

I'm still finding dead fleas, poor love.

Thanks for the kind words, OllyExtra45 - poor Emma! My mother was talking this morning about tracking down the owner and strangling her! I know what you mean. I'd like to keep the woman outside in the cold and toss her a scrap now and then. After 5 years, I could ask her how it felt ... !!!
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Originally Posted by Pansy's Pal
My mother was talking this morning about tracking down the owner and strangling her!
I'll jump on your mums bandwagon!!!
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Another question - Pansy and Jack get along very well but occasionally, Pansy turns and gives Jack a hiss and swipes at him with a paw. He never responds, never growls or snarls although, potentially, he could kill her.

I just wondered if there was a way to discourage her from doing this without actually punishing her? All we do at the moment is to make a big fuss of Jack. He seems fine about it all, bless.

All ideas welcome.
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Honestly, I'm not sure there's much you can do to "discourage" Pansy from giving Jack a little swipe now and again. Maybe there are some things you could do to get her to associate Jack with positive things? Perhaps giving her a special treat when he's near her, or giving her a good pet or brushing so she associates him with all those nice things?
It's also possible she's just determined to be the "top" animal, which isn't really a problem--there's going to be one dominant animal and one not so dominant in a two animal household--and its actually better that it is Pansy since she can't inflict as much damage to Jack as he could to her in the heat of battle. If no one is getting hurt in their little squabbles, then you're doing ok.

Our Emma has decided to be top cat in our house, which was sort of surprising to us since she is so much smaller than our cat Oliver (her 6 lbs to his 13) and Oliver was with us for 3 and a half years before we got Emma. She's just got a little more spunk in her than he does--probably because she was a "street fighter" for Lord knows how long, and Oliver has been a spoiled rotten prissy little Mama's Boy kitty since he was 4 weeks old!

Just try to keep an eye on them to make sure Jack doesn't decide to "strike back" one of these days, because that could get ugly. Definitely keep them apart when you are not home, or not within eyesight of them.

Good luck! I keep scrolling back to Pansy's picture because she has such a lovely face!
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It is sweet though how Jack doesn't respond to it
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Thanks very much for your ideas OllyExtra - I especially like the one about associating her with good things around Jack. We're very fortunate with both of them, that's there's been so little trouble really. We will watch over them very carefully!

Jack likes to go out and about with me, he's been constantly by my side for 11 years so I don't propose changing that, which means I don't have to leave him alone in the house with Pansy. That works out well.

Bless you, Susan, she is lovely isn't she?

BTW Check out the new Pansy thread ....!
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