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Day 68 - how much longer?

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My cat is on about day 68 and hasn't had her kittens. She's quite young, maybe 8 months old. The kittens are visibly moving around and feel big enough to be born. At an earlier check up the vet said she thought she felt 3 kittens. Should I be worried that they haven't been born? Also what are the chances that things will go wrong because she's young?

many thanks
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Since individual cats are so ... individual ... it may be that your girl is just going to be on the long side for baking those little biscuits! With some cats, it can be as much as 73 days.

If the babies are still visibly moving around (and it will get more vigorous as delivery approaches) then you are, for the moment, ok. I am sure you already have a nest set up for her and her litter and food/water dishes nearby the nest. Has she explored the nest at all yet?

Eight months ~is~ a bit young for this girl to be pregnant - but I am certain there is some logical explanation as to why so I won't go there now. But as soon as your vet is comfortable, I would request that he spay her so she won't have to go through this again. Things go wrong with cats of all ages, and young kitties having babies is no exception. She could be a really good mother when the time comes, or you may have to assist by bottle-feeding and stimulating the kittens to go potty. During the actual birth, she may also need you to help. Be prepared for both. Go now and get your supplies - and should the need arise, you'll have everything you need. Take a look at this web site and it should give you some idea of what you should have on hand:


And as always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know!
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The people we got her from got her age wrong by just over a month... that, combined with my failure to be on the ball re spaying, resulted in pregnant kitty.

I made her a nest, although she doesn't seem keen on it and my other cat keeps trying to sleep in it. She has her own room, food, water etc and is now no longer allowed outside.

They are my first cats so I don't know what to expect. I have read many websites (including the one you recommended), and they worried me as they all seemed to say 60-65 with average of 63 days.
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Then you are 100% certain of the date she was bred?
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You should call your vet. There will be an article up on TCS next month about warning signs with pregnancy and I just reread it. If your cat has been pregnant more than 67 days, this knowledgeable author advises you to call the vet!
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While it isn't considered (among long time breeders anyway) terribly unusual for a girl to pass 67 days especially a young queen, I do have to agree with Hissy. It is probably for the best that you contact your vet and see if he thinks she should come in to be seen. It will ease your mind.
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I got up early to call the vet and couldn't find Beatrice. After a bit of searching I found her and 3 healthy babies in a big box at the back of the storage space in the loft!

I'm sure she chose that spot for a good reason, but it's a long way from her bed/litter/food. Should I move them and if so how?

Many thanks
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I can't help with moving them or not - but I just wanted to say congrats!!!
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Here are my new kitties: http://ith.no-ip.info/kittens/

the server's a bit overloaded at the moment, but if you click refresh a lot you can get through
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HOw adorable! They all look JUST LIKE their momma!
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Wonderful news Kate. The kittens are adorable. I love their little pink noses!!!
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Very, very sweet ... a big old pile of tuxedo's!

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Congradulations on your new kittens. They are beautiful!!! They pictures turned out very well.
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