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Good news - happy endings!

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Last month my neighbor, who knows I'm involved with a cat rescue group, got me involved in a situation that made me furious but ultimately, thanks to the efforts of a lot of caring people, had a happy ending.

Tigy & Baby Girl (both longhaired orange females) and Puddles (male, gray and white) belonged to a young man who lost his job and could no longer care for them. None of the cats had been fixed. All were young, under two years. They ended up in the grandmother's basement. (Of course, there were kittens). This was in Oct. She was unable to care for them either. By March her daughter was so upset with the situation, she was threatening to have the cats put to sleep. She did try, although not very hard, to find them homes.

We were able to pull all three cats out and have Tigy and Puddles fixed, tested, etc... Because our foster homes were at capacity, the League for Animal Welfare agreed to take them and find them homes. They have both adopted into great homes. Baby Girl, who was pregnant at the time, went into one of the League's foster homes. Her kittens were born two weeks ago.
She will be spayed and put up for adoption, along with the kittens, when the
time comes.

In the midst of this situation, I was very angry and frustrated at the ignorance and irresponsibility of certain individuals, but ended up being so inspired by the committment and compassion of the people who worked to ensure these beautiful cats (all with great personalities) had happy endings.
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Oh my I hope all historys we´re Cat´s are involved have a Happy final like this......
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Well it is sad that when someone cant afford to have their loved ones and end up this way!
im gland they are all finding homes now though
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to all those who helped the kitties!
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How great that is ~~ thank you for sharing this. At first I didn't want to read it, as I am overly-sensitive to any discomfort for kitties and I work in rescue around my area, but this was great.
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