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My Stinky Flat !

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Hello everyone

My cat has had diarhoea for 4 days now, she also has really bad wind ! she's kept in the house at the mo as she has yound kittens, so you can imagine how much it smells !

She's fine in herself and is only pooping around 4 times a day so it's not really bad enough to warrant a vet visit just yet. I was wondering what would be the best thing to feed her to help her get over it ? should I put her on dried food ? she did have a change from pouched food to supermeat which I think has caused it. She's back on pouched food now but it's not clearing up. Also, she is still stimulating the kittens to go to the loo so maybe all that kitten poop is getting too much for her !
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Not that I'm any kind of expert, just an idea - boiled chicken, white fish, or even scrambled egg or rice might be easier on her stomach and they'll help keep her fluid levels up too. Dried food seems to be harder on the digestion with mine? It takes up a lot of fluid too to digest. Hope she's feeling better soon.
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I agree with Ranger, a bland diet is what she needs. Most cats enjoy this kind of medicine! Is she drinking? I only ask because she could be getting dehydrated, especially if she is feeding the kittens.

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Switching their food suddenly can upset their stomach so any new food has to be mixed in with what their already eating for the first few days to get their stomachs used to it.

What brand is it that your giving her?, and what makes you think she doesn't need a vet visit yet because i know i would be concerned if she's been like that for 4 days and is paying a visit 4 times a day, but then thats me.

Is she drinking her water ok as well?
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Hello, yes she's drinking ok, She's on Whiskers kitten food at the moment, she's been on it for a while and has been fine until now. I think giving her tinned food the other day has caused it.

I think I'll try feeding her chicken tonight and tomorrow and also help her by stimulating the kittens to eliminate myself. If she's not any better by tomorrow afternoon then it's off ot the vet.

Do you think it would be ok to separate her from the kittens to take her to the vet ? they are 4 weeks old and haven't been separated from their mum for more than 5 minutes !
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I agree with Susan - if she were mine I would take her to the vet. Momcats are designed to cope with kitten waste, so I doubt it would be that. At four weeks, if the kittens are healthy and in a safe place, then a trip away for an hour or two to the vet should be no problem. In the wild, a mom would be leaving them to hunt for that amount of time as she is beginning to show them what 'real' food is.
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Cat food brands like Whiskas, Friskies, 9 Lives, Fancy Feast and Iams contain by products that can upset a cat's digestive system. It might help to stay away from the supermarket brands. There are good brands available at pet food stores such as Innova, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul, Canidae, Life's Abundance or any brand that doesn't use by products, "meat", or "animal fat". By products are the inedible parts of animals like beaks and intestines. "Meat" and "animal fat" could come from any source (horse, rat, cat, dog, etc).

I'm glad to hear that you are taking her to the vet. It's always better safe than sorry. Good luck! I'm sending good vibes to you and your mommycat!
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Hello there, thanks for the advice.

I gave her chicken yesterday - which she liked. I gave her it agian this morning but she's had enough ! she even winced at the smell of it so she's back on the pouched food and ate that no problems ! on the upside, one of the kittens likes the chicken - so that's one of them on the way to weaning.

I think a visit to the vet this afternoon is definately in order though, just to make sure she's ok.
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Oh i'm pleased your taking her Carla!

Sophie had a tummy upset days before her spay and had to have an injection of antibiotics which thankfully had settled her tummy by the next day, so this might be all that your kit needs?!.

Let us know what happens?
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I'll give you an update on monday when I'm back at work !
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Hello, just to let you know in case you were wondering.

I didn't need to go to the vet in the end, I got home from work on Friday and all was fine. I think the chicken must have worked. The only problem now is that the kittens (which I'm trying to wean) will only eat chicken ! they won't touch cat food !

never mind eh, I'll keep persevering........
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Thats good to hear! Just keep an eye on her just incase it happens again.
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I thought Iams were a good brand cat food?
You cant get them in supermarkets here and i thought they were labelled as expensive special food?
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Not sure about in Germany but here in the UK it is more expensive but not too bad. If they dont' sell it in supermarkets, then maybe you can get it from the vets ? or off the internet ?

I'm going to try Iams I think too but I can't find the kitten veriety. maybe I should take my own advice and try the vets !
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Carla try the Purina One for kittens because it has less animal parts in it to the other brands and i know Morrisons sell it.
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I would go to the pet store... but One is a bit better than Iams
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