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New to the site

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Im new here Just thought I would say a few words about my babies Five four cats one snauzer I am owned by A three year old blue point sim mix Whos mother I found in the winter under the chicken coupe at my Husbands parents house we moved them into a heated garage and I took care of all of them til the kittens were weaned the mommy cat had clearly bonded with my husbands parents farm and animals I didnt want to take her from that but her three kittens needed a home so I took one When we moved back to Neb. Jinx is her name she stole my heart she was a very active kitten climbing wall curtains you name it I decided she need a play mate when I saw Dakota at a garage sale 14 or so kittens in a small crate on a hot day I wanted to save them all but decided on one a small black and white female with a pink nose I got my cat a cat lol they were best friends for over a year it was just the two of them then came Myia gray tabby who a friend found in her yard when she ran the litter over with a mower myia was the only one who lived my friend is a dog lover with three of them so she called me i took her to a vet learned how to bottle feed and she now is a strong healthy almost 2 yr old shortly after we got myia after she was wiened from the bottle I thought she needed maybe a litter mate dumb i found hailey in the paper beautiful torti about myias age brought her home made a app to have all there shots my older cats and my new babies it would have been maybe a week after i got hailey we never made it hailey had distemper we lost her two days after we got her and Dakota two weeks after that she fought hard and lost i still cry for her Jinx still cries for her 3 months after her death I found tiger sitting on her grave marker in my back yard covered in fleas earmites orange with a pink nose I took him to the vet got him fixed up got his shots and bought him home
hes my lover cat I also now have persie a stray tri colored female persie is a great cat polite and quiet I always say shes a cats cat not really a people cat persies heart belongs to jinx and she is loyal I get to feed her and sometimes pet her Dexter is my dog and tiger playmate i always say they are brother part dog and part cat they love eachother thats it thats all my kids
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Welcome, you got a lot to say. Cat talk is allways welcome
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hello, welcome to the site
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Welcome to TCS!
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hello and welcome to the site
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
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Hi, welcome to TCS to you and your family! We're so glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better!I would be happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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Welcome to TCS! I've moved your thread to our New Cats forum, where you should get a warm welcome and any help you may need navigating the site.
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Welcome, I'm pretty new myself! You will find this is a great site to talk to other cat lovers!

I have 2 inside, Festie (brown tabby girl) and Gar (orange tabby). Then outside I have Wills, who is a gray and white tuxedo kitty, with gray markings on his nose making him look like a pig (he is so wonderful)! And Josie, a black and white tuxedo kitty. 3 ferals, Captain Feathersword who is gray and white, with a gray patch over one eye, and his brother Jeff who looks the same minus the eye patch. And a buff and white girl named Peaches-n-Cream. And a brown tiger boy named Tom-he is truly wild and I hope to catch him soon so he can be snipped!

Then 2 dogs, 3 horses, 4 kids...I think thats all! Its a very quiet house! LOL!
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I'd love to see some pics of Tiger, Jinx, Myia, and Persie. I'm sure everyone else would too. Welcome to TCS.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!
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Hi welcome to the site.
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Hello and welcome!!!

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