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Please pray for my brother

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My 46 year old brother was in a major motercycle accident,he has servace(sp) injury to his brain,he has a skull fracture in 2 places. He has been in the or. 3 times in the last four days.They have him a medical interdusted(sp) coma.. I have no way to go to him,he lives in Alaska,I live in NY Please pray for him,I lost another brother 20 years ago,in a motercycle accident.I do not want to lose him to!
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Sheryl where in Alaska is he? Humana Anchorage?
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He will be in my prayers. I hope that he will be O.K.
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Anchorage, Hissy I am so scared.
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I just said a prayer for him.
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I can ask my stepson to go and check on him if you like? You can PM me Sheryl -
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Hissy, do you know anything about Provonce Hospital?
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Sherral, I am so sorry to hear that! Please know that your brother is close to my heart right now...
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I'll say a prayer for you and your family. Hope all is well.
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Sherral, sending healing vibes your brother's way, I hope you'll hear some good news of improvement soon.
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sending hugs and prayers
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Thanks everyone,he needs all the prayers he can get.
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Sending lots and lots of healing vibes his way.
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sending lots of love your way Sheryl know your brother is in our thoughts
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I'll be praying for your brother.
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Prayers on the way for your brother and for you too.
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that is hard. quick prayer.
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I am so sorry to hear of your brother's accident and I hope he fully recovers. A friend of mine is recovering from a fractured skull and other damage caused by a tree falling on him. He was almost given up for lost, so there is always hope.
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This must be so difficult for you, Sherral. I am praying for your brother.Thank you for keeping us updated.
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Your brother is definitly in my thoughts!
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I'm so sorry!, your brother is in my thoughts and prayers right now for a good recovery, and i echo Jenny's thoughts because where there is life there is hope!
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your brother is in my thoughts
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You have mega good thoughts coming from us.......please never give up faith..........we're here if you need us!!
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Oh no Sheryl... my prayers with your brother...
Hope he´s better now...
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That is so sad...my prayers are with your brother, you & your family.
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i'm so sorry! we'll keep you in and your brother in our prayers...i had that happen to a good friend of mine, and it's soo scary! just don't lose hope!
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Sherral, I'm so sorry to hear this. Your brother will most definitely be in my thoughts, as you will be, too.
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Sheryl Your brother and family are in my thoughts and prayers
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I'll remember him in my thoughts. Sending healing vibes......................
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Sheryl, you and your brother are in my prayers. Have faith.
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