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Anyones Cat Hurt themselves while in Psycho Mode??

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Presley plows thru the pet door at 80 mph sometimes, jumps up down, around, running around. Crazy. While the exercise is good for him I worry about broken limbs, necks, me falling down the steps, etc Ritalin for cats?
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O_O cats are just weird, they do odd things sometimes O_O LIke my cat eliot, always tries to back out of his harness to get away (Like when I'm in the front yard where my kitten Aerowyn likes to be and ELliot wants to be in the backyard O_O)and when he gets out of it He ZOOMS accross teh yard at full speed with his tail all bushed up and goes in the backyard and waits for me, so then I go running after him and he's sitting all smug looking at me, laying in the grass (because he never leaves the yard :O Too scared of strangers) and when I get too close he zoooms past me again and this time he goes in the front yard on the porch and sits in the chair waiting for me :P Usually he will give me a nip or a lick xD its funny. Cats are just.... .odd sometimes... O_O And I'm sure if yoru cat is running through a cat door that they have calculated just when they ahve to jump through it.. its not just going to randomly freak out and run through the door blindly O_O Because cats arent dumb though they are weird O_O
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I sure hope not because cj has to be on of the clumsiest cats i have ever seen. He trips over toys, falls off stuff, all kinds of stuff. He will run full speed, jump on the bed and miss and smack into the wall (its a queen size bed!) he slides into the wall and doors to turn when he plays on the tile. I think he is just so crazy sometimes he just spins out! He is fine though, nothing no bumps brusies or anything that seems to bother him.
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Cats can be pretty tough and seem comfortable taking a few knocks.

Nano also plays very rough -- I don't worry about it. I just make sure she has quality food and a source fresh water so she can be healthy and hydrated. She has beat herself up during rough play, but quality food helps Nano "repair herself" pretty quick. I've never had to take a pet to the vet for an injury from rough play.
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They are tough...we have had some whackos..but they seem to know their own limits...which can easily scare us!
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My tuxedo runs straight into things and hits his head a lot, but it never seems to really faze him. But then, he's rather... well... my BF likes to say what he lacks in brains, he makes up for in speed. So it can't be doing much damage! LOL

I just want to say, I love the phrase "psycho mode" -- I'm going to use that from now on! LOL
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I once had a cat who ran headfirst into a wall, knocking out a piece of the plaster. I checked her head (when I could catch her) and there was no injury, and her behaviour seemed usual, so can only assume that her head was harder than a wall!

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When Sierra was a baby, she was in one of her zooming moods, and rammed her head at top speed into the open dishwasher door. It made the most awful sound! She was unphased, I was horrified! When I called her Vet, he all but laughed and told me she was probably fine, to just keep an eye on her and bring her in if she acted as if she may be injured. She was perfectly ok, of course.
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Snickers & Hammie both do the 80mph through the house thing. Through the pet doors, knocking their backs so hard you'd swear they are broken! Hammie has run top-speed from another room and leapt onto his cat tree, he does this spiral-round thing claw by claw til he's at the top, then leaps back down again. I look at him and wonder; Is he Tarzan?

Snickers is more George of the Jungle.. he has vision troubles so he runs into walls. Thing is when he's all frisky, he attacks corners of walls. He puts his ears back & just runs into the wall, "hugging" the wall & sort of scraping it with his hands. I never understood the corner-hug thing with him!

CJ sounds like Snickers... naturally clumsy? Snicky walks everywhere I walk and keeps eye contact with me... he'll be walking along, I'll be talking, he'll be trilling, keeping eye contact... and he won't see the shoe or box or wall that's in his way, and he trips over it or runs into it!

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Well, I don't have any real good cat blunder stories though I do agree about the running around crazy thing. My dog does that too about once a day. But I do have a good sister/cat blunder story. Everytime sis would run up the stairs she would race her cat then jump on the bed. Whoever made the bed first won. So I guess my sister was in psyco mode the same time the cat was!! haha. WELL one time the cat beat her and instead of jumping on the top of the bed he just stopped at the doorway and sis jumped to miss the cat and crashed into a body length mirror. The dr lost count of the # of stiches somewhere past 50. Moral to the story is, the cat is going to be better at taking care of himself at Psycho mode then you are so watch your step.
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Yeah my kittens have been nuts like this before. I really thought one of my cats (who is 5 now and still acts up) that she would crack her head open. She was playing on some stairs and just flung her head back into the banister and literally I heard a thunk, she just layed there for a bit and then got up tearing around again.
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Meish does this about twice a day. Normally after she relieves herself in the litter box. Sometimes she goes from the carpet onto the tile floor at full speed and slams into the walls/doors etc. I keep thinking she will figure it out but not yet....
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My husband has a co-worker with a cat who had an accident while in psycho mode. It seems they were playing fetch with a catnip toy mouse. The cat leaped up onto a table at a high rate of speed and landed on some magazines. Everything skidded to the floor and the cat ended up with a broken leg.
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I think the funniest part of my cats psycho mode is when he runs fast, stops, then looks side to side real fast as if he's plotting a next move.
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