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She still looks like a kitten!! ha

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Is this normal? Zoe is a little over a year old now and she still has a very kitten-ish face. It's really cute, but I'm afraid she's stunted or something. lol She's still small, too. Most cats I've had were full grown by her age, so I don't guess she'll grow much her kitten face here to stay?

Here she is playing with her favorite toy last week.

Here she is as a baby.
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I really dont know much about growth, but I did want to say that she is very cute!
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I am far from an expert on this but let me share this with you. I can see the difference in her face from the two pics. My jessie was a runt. She never weighed over 6 lbs and she only got to 6 lbs around 15 years old! She weighed less before that. She looked like a kitten. Everyone thought she was a year or two old.
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My Ophelia kept her kitten look until she was about 5 years old! And she's a little girl too...all of 7 pounds full grown.

Zoe sure is a cutie!!
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She weighs about 8-9 lbs, but she's very a little body builder. She's even smaller than Miss Kitty, and MK's not a very big cat (other than being fat, lol).
Her face has gotten more mature, but it's still got such a "cute" kitten look...that pic doesn't show it as well as some. I guess she's like a person with a baby face. Her daddy was commenting on it the other day...he wonders if she'll ever look like a grown up kitty and told me to check with my cat buddies here. hehe

Mferr-Zoe says "thanks, I know I'm cute and I use it against my meowmy all the time!!"
Jess was a cutie...I love the pic of her in your sig, ciera!
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I think it's normal. My Joji is small too. As a matter of fact, she is the tiniest yet the oldest of my 4.
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Zoe is a beautiful little girl.
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What a pretty girl

Guin has an adult face, but his body is small....he is the size of an 8 month old rather than a year and a 1/2 old! The vet said that he is fine as everything is in proportion, plus he weighs quite a bit!
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On the good side, your "big" cat remains a kitten. I think my cats grow up too fast. I regreted that I did not take enough pictures of them when they were still small.
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Awww, she's cute!!!
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Scooter is almost a year old, and still pretty small and kittenish looking.
Zoe is a cutie!
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Aw, she does still have a little baby face. She's adorable. She may still grow, though. Diddy was small, thin and kittenish looking until she was two. Now she's got a big ole fat head and she weighs about 14 pounds. She has a small frame and she's very strong and muscular, she's almost like a bulldog
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Some cats never outgrow that kittenish look. Gandalf's mom is like that,she's tiny and has a very rounded kitten face.
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She is adorable, cuteness overload at even a year. Saba is now about a year and she is only 5.5 lbs and her face is very tiny - a Tabby too!
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She's adorable, love the pics!
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Zoe is very cute. I don't think she has a "kittenish" face though.
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