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lmao! no, no. this is blue, i just felt like using a new name for awhile. i dont even know who lilyrose is.
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Sorry to expose your "secret identity"!:homer:

I guess my brain/imagination got a little carried away...

I'll go back to lurking...

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that's okay bill, it wasnt a secret
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I completely agree. Its easy to post as someone else, like you said Cleo. I also have the link to the lounge and my husband or anyone else who may use my computer can post under my name without my ever knowing it.
I'm sure she'll be back and explain it all at some point.
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Well, I sent lilyrose a PM just after she posted the thread originally, but I never got a response. According to the tracking, it hasn't even been read.

The mystery continues..................
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Could she have possibly started a thread that noone responded to, or a post that went unnoticed, and got her feelings hurt? I really have no clue, but if she has a reason, I wish she'd let us know.
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I actually looked up her posting history (as I'm sure many others here did as well) and there is absolutely nothing that alludes to that at all, which makes this all the more baffling
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Could it possibly be that she is under a lot of stress from something that has nothing to do with The Cat Site? Maybe that type of stress could cause a person to have an outburst and type FORGET YOU!!!!????
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Hmmmmmmmmmm, I don't know. I suppose it's possible. But why would she be so harsh with us, if she was just mad at someone or under stress outside the catsite? I wonder if someone PM'd her with something she got offended by? I have the feeling we will never know.
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A segement for Unsolved Mysteries
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Just thought of that lady that was on here selling some cipro or something like that/something for smallpox ???? The bubonic plague? I can't think of her name, but I think she was a nurse. Has anyone heard from her lately? Maybe she signed on under a different name. Just a thought.
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That was AskaHomeopath. I think she's probably not going to be back anytime soon, either.
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About people selling cures on the Internet for everything from cancer to smallpox and I thought about her. There was this massive sting operation and it shut down over 100 people scamming the public. It was really sad because most of the victims were the elderly.
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Ya, I'm pretty sure that aska won't be back anytime soon. She was really angry when she left, or seemed to be by her posts. She was not happy that some people questioned her motives in offering to sell her vaccination for athrax.
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Yeah, I really layed into her. If I remember right I tried so hard to be tactful, but it exploded anyway. My husband actually saw on the news something about people selling stuff for anthrax etc that was a hoax and I immediately thought of her.
Oh well. They'll be back someday I bet.
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I thought you were pretty tactful considering. You didn't say anything out of line. You just expressed a different point of view, one that she didn't want to hear. oh well.
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yeah, I felt bad afterward though. I even PM'd her telling her I didn't mean to make her so mad and that I was just trying to voice another side of the coin. According to the history she never even read the PM. Oh well, I am not losing any sleep over it.
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Maybe Lilyrose is sitting back reading all these posts and laughing her butt off that she got such a response to this? I've met a lot of people on the net who enjoy screwing with people like this...
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I'd feel sorry for anyone who would do that. Her profile says she's 63 years old. Not to say that older people don't screw around like that, but I'd be more inclined to expect that from a teenager.
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Oh God, I never even thought to read her profile... :

I hate to sound morbid, but what if there's a Real problem, like maybe something happened to her? She may be in the hospital or something?
My Mom had her 3rd stroke at 62 so its not unthinkable.

That wouldnt explain the post though, unless someone else did it, maybe in anger?

ok, too many spooky movies and drama's...I'm done now.
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Originally posted by illusion
Maybe Lilyrose is sitting back reading all these posts and laughing her butt off that she got such a response to this? I've met a lot of people on the net who enjoy screwing with people like this...
:laughing2 :laughing2...That is a funny thought in itself! :laughing2

You're too much! :laughing2 hahahaha!

Love ya,
Cat :laughing2
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