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Good Bye

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FORGET YOU !!!!!!!!
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huh?? Did I miss something???
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My exact thought. What did I miss here?
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I am confused too!

The last post I saw from lilyrose was earlier today in the Thanksgiving Food thread, and all seemed fine then

Maybe the holiday has her stressed out?

lilyrose, hope you feel happier soon, I've always enjoyed your posts.
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can anybody crack this riddle? anyone? Bueller?
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...to shed some light on this one.......
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What's going on here?????? What did I miss??
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...well, somebody does, but they aren't talking.
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I just looked back through the various strings that she posted to and nothing seemed awry.

Anybody's guess, I suppose...

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she will come back and explain herself and not leave us wondering what happened to cause this puzzling outburst?
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Maybe she'll get over whatever she's upset about.
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Wow, I just read this thread, and I have no clue either. I hope she will just come back and explain what we did to offend her.
What's up with that???

Hey, Lilyrose, I hope you don't leave us, and if something is bothering you, please by all means, tell us! We are here to help. And we don't want you to leave!!!!!
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anybody solve this mystery yet?

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Must be something that happened off the main boards? In a pm or something?
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Must be!! Weird huh?!
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I think it is a shame to lose a member like that.
I hope that Lilyrose will reconsider.
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You're right Deb, it is a shame...I wish someone knew what happened?!
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If you can look yourself in the mirror and say with clear conscience that you did nothing to drive this woman away, then that is wonderful! Maybe whoever can't face that person in the mirror will fess up.
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Has anyone tried to PM or e-mail her to find out what happened?

Since I wasn't directly involved in any of the threads she posted in, I doubt she'd respond to me...

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Wow. This is like a mystery novel!!!!!! Everyone is wondering Who done it!!:tounge2:
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Col. Mustard in the Library with the pipe wrench, right?!

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I think Debra Myers PM'd her - but nothing so far!!
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there's nothing on the board (or in any of her posts if you look at the history) that suggests that anyone did anything to warrent a "FORGET YOU!!!!!!"

it's all very strange. :
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are you really lilyrose (Carol) signed in under a new name to see what the others might say about your final post? Or is the "lily" in the name coincidence?

Very curious...easy enough to create a new profile...hmmmm...


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The ISP's are totally different. Maybe someone just thinks smokinglily is a cool name.
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My thoughts were similar to yours Bill, though a bit different.

I was thinking maybe a child or significant other of lilyrose signed in and posted that? She always seemed well spoken and polite, and this post was neither. The All Caps thing is odd too?

I know it would be very simple to do that in my home, the shortcut to The Lounge is right on my desktop, it'd be a no brainer to post in my name here...though no one here would do that (I hope )

I hope it's something as benign as that.
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