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always crying

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Limerick has been very needy lately. He sits in the middle of the living rom and cries and cries. He won't let me touch him, and won't play. He has food and water too. Everytime I come in th eroom he hides under my chair and cries. He'll jump down from his window perch and hide and cry too. He's a black Domestic Shorthair.
I don't know if it's just to get back at me for going to class for most of the day. I think he may be part siamese. His head is small and thin, he has high cheek bones, big eyes, large ears and a thin jaw line.
I'm getting worried because he cried alot and I live in an appartment. i don't want to have to choose between a place to live and my cat.
what do you think... any suggestion to stop all the crying?
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I know the experts will respond to but I think you might check with a vet to see if there is something wrong. If there is nothing wrong and you think he is lonely when you are gone and it is in your ability you might try getting him a playmate. Another thing I have done for my horses that helps them is music. Nothing loud or obnoxios. I use country music. It calms them down and then they also get to hear a voice when the anouncer comes on between songs. Don't know if it would work for cats or not though.
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sometimes when one of my cats get into a strange 'mode' and there are no health issues I introduce a new toy or treat. This will occupy their mind long enough to get back into normal mode. Even harness them up and take them outside for a stroll thru the garden.
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Maybe he just needs something to keep his interest. Cj likes the birdfeeder by the window. I have some birdseed I throw out and he sits in the window and watches them. Maybe your landlord will let you put one out. He also likes fish, stares at them, and when the door is shut, he still meows and paws at the door to get in. Maybe one of those puzzle balls with the treat in it.
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Sounds as if he's in pain. If he'll let you, try to look him over. If nothing appears wrong, look at the litterbox, food and water bowls. Try to play with him. If he's not in pain, he may want something. Ask a vet if this goes on for more then two days.
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Maverick gets upset when i have lots of essays to do because i cant spend as much time with her as usual.
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My boyfriend went home for his internship. Limerick LOVES Jon. Could that be it?? He'd been doing it since he left. hmm....
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I would rule out a health issue first- then move to behavioral or environmental
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Originally Posted by eburgess
My boyfriend went home for his internship. Limerick LOVES Jon. Could that be it?? He'd been doing it since he left. hmm....
Stress (missing Jon) can sometimes bring on health issues in kitties. I would suggest (as have the others) that the vet have a look-see just to make 100% certain he is OK, but my guess is that he is missing Jon a lot. Will Jon be coming back soon?
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I agree with all the experts here. I would assume that Jon not being home has something to do with it though.

My cat Max hates it when my husband goes away. He'll sit on the window and cry the whole time. All I have to do is say "Daddy's coming home!" and he goes absolutely nuts, running in circles and knocking the other cat over.
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Jon's coming back tomorrow. I just don't want to go through this everytime Jon leaves. He's coming back for the annual WVU Drumline Sandwich Party. It gives the 2004 line a chance to get toether one last time talk and say a final goodbye to the seniors. They sign drumheads and eat alot!! haha. He should be back every weekend to hang out until Graduation.

It's soo cute. I'll say "Jon's coming" and his eyes get big and he get so excited. When he comes in the door he's chatting up a storm and plays and run all over the apartment. He squeezes his little butt between the 2 of us when we're on the couch. haha

Limerick's back to normal today. So that's a good thing He's playing agian and being social and been cuddleing with me all day. I can't wait until classes are done so I can spend most of my time with him. 2 more weeks
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