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Attacking the Bottle

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Come eating time sometimes (more and more often each day) she goes nuts and I get scratched. She grabs my hand with her claws and tries to stick the entire bottle in her mouth. It's like she thinks she needs to kill the bottle before she can eat it. Is that normal? When she gets to wild I just put her down and walk away until she hollors for me (about two seconds) then we start over. I have tried to get her to drink out of a dish but she won't have anything to do with it. I just tried again monday and still no go. She is 4 weeks old now so I keep hoping that she will start drinking out of the dish. I tried all the tricks I read here about leading her to it and sticking my finger in and showing it to her but she won't even drink the milk off my finger she just runs (well not run, more fast wobble, she is still working on that one) away. After I get her settled down she snuggles in to my arms and drinks away but why all the stress to get to that point? Is this normal?
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how often are you feeding her?
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She needs to be fed often at that age, and she really isn't of the age that she would be off the bottle. The clawing is normal, kittens get a bit frantic when there is food being offered. And kitty claws are very very sharp. About the only thing you can do is supplement her feedings with some vitamins that your vet can give you, or make up some kitten glop as that is sometimes more satisfying. She is not clawing you on purpose, she is simply hungry-
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I am feeding her about every 4 hours except her last feeding is 3 to 3&1/2 hours. Unless she plays a lot. Then she eats then plays then eats then plays from the time we normally start her 3 feeding until we finally make her go to bed after her 4th feeding normally would be finished. Her first and second feeding though have to be on schedule or I am late for work or late getting back from lunch. The vet ok'd her feeding schedule helping me to juggle work and kitty. (Still hiding her under my desk at work and getting harder to explain her noises.) A friend of mine says that she would wrapped her kitten up in a towel to feed it and she did it to Leia while she was here but it stressed Leia out so much I don't want to do it again. If that is the only option I guess I will just have battle scars to show off later.
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Ever try wrapping YOUR hand in a towel? Or you could use one of those stretchy bandages for sprains. This way your kitten will ahve something to dig into that is not your flesh You could also try an old sock and cut out the end and a small hole for your thumb, or just put on some cheap winter gloves O_O Any sort of barrier is good when dealing with kitty claws! When I play with my cats I always put on a sock or two so they wont claw/bite my hand off
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Good idea big orange! I have done this before when playing with my cats.

And I must say, I love the names! I am a big star wars buff, princess leia was my hero, and is my avatar on every messenger program, and blog I have. I havent posted enough here to use it, but we are working one it!
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I will try that. I am going to confess something so don't laugh. I have been taking my shoes and socks off when she is on the floor playing because they were scaring her. OK Go ahead. YOu can laugh. I know she is WAY to spoiled. But when I look into those big grey eyes I can't help myself. Besides, she loves sitting on my feet and watching my toes wiggle. I am going to try a glove and see what happens. Thanks for all your suggestions.
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