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We Have A Girl!?!

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As you know I have been taking my little one to the vet twice a week since he was born. Mainly because I can't monitor wieght because I don't have anything that will weigh something that small and the vet is on the way home from work. Well, from the beginning we have all been trying to decide if this was a little boy or girl. The vet finally decided it was a boy so we named him Gandolf the Grey. WELL, I visited the vet monday night and Gandolf the Grey has turned in to Princess Leia. She weighs one pound. The Vet says she looks healthy and FAT. They have nick named her the little porker. I am still working on getting her to eleminate on her own. The vet is not worried about it. They say she is just spoiled and will catch on in time. I have been worried about her eyes. She does not track things as well as I thought she should be able to at 4 weeks. The Vet thinks that she is just a little slow in developing because of her rough start. I keep worring though that since she went without oxygen for who knows how long that she will have some type of long term damage. Is there anything I should be looking for?

Di (signature line under construction)
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I think you've got it pretty much covered ... and I agree with the vet. Kittens, especially those who have a rough start, might take a little longer to reach their normal milestones - I wouldn't worry just yet.
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Wow even after seeing the kitten that many times the vet still got the sex wrong?!

Weird. I agree with Gaye.
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In his defence he is new and young but it was kinda funny. The older vet was there that day and looked and said "uh you said this was a what?" Well, I do feel better knowing that I am doing all I can for her but I will continue to be paranoid and worry because that is my nature.

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Di, I wish you all the best with this baby. How bout some pics??
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I don't have a digital camera. I will see if I can borrow my sisters camera.
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