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Squirrel was making me nuts

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For a few months now, I have been battling an unknown illness that afflicted Squirrel. She has been to multiple vets, had every test run on her that I could come up with, and been on several bouts of medication. I have picked clean some member's brains on this- Finally out of desperation I put her on Transfer Factor.

I am so glad to say that she is now doing great! There is no third eyelid creeping over at night, there is no low-grade fever, the diarrhea is gone and her eyes are glowing again with life.

TF is not the easiest stuff to give a kitty- it's actually quite nasty tasting, but I found the trick in kippered herring.

Thanks Tammie for first alerting me about this stuff, and thanks to Sandie and Stephen who tried to help as best they could figure out this unknown illness. I am holding my breath and staying hopeful that Squirrel is finally on the mend.
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Fantastic, MA! How wonderful for Squirrel! TF must really be a miracle product!
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Thats brilliant MA!!!!

Whats in this Transfer Factor to work the wonders that it does?
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You know, MA, my kits go wild when I bring it out? When I was dosing Bit, I had all of mine sitting at my feet wanting it! They'd lick the bowl I mixed it in too. Then again, I have a bunch of weirdo kitties! Here's hoping that it helps Squirrel totally recover!
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Oh I sure hope it really helps Squirrel, and she continues to improve!
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It has trace minerals, amino acids probiotics essential fatty acids and other nutrients mixed with chicken parts- smells nasty! But it apparently does work.
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Normally the medicines that we take such as cough mixtures that taste nasty are the ones that work better in making you well again
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squirrels...I thought this was a cat forum
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I am so glad this is working for her. Poor Squirrel!
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I'm glad the TF is working for Squirrell and I hope it will keep her nice and healthy for life. The symptoms you described sound like what Angel has. He's been to the vet and has been given different antibiotics, but he still doesn't seem healthy. I think I'll give TF a try.
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