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Shadow's Website

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Shadow, The Wonder Kitty

I keep that site up for Shadow. There you can find all the information and stories and photos of this great, loveable kitty. I have stories from when he was a kitten to the present (2.5 years later) I also have pictures of him covering 6 weeks old, 6 months old, 12 months old and 18 months. As soon as I get my scanner and computer hooked up again, I will have more images.

Thanks for checking us out...
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Shadow is a beautiful cat. Thanks for sharing with us.
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What a beautiful kitty!
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He's really cute and I like his website!!
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WOW! Shadow is beautiful!!!!! (and your dad isn't bad either)

I loved the pictures!!!! I see you live in Kentucky, my brother lives in Lexington. I haven't been there since I was 15, ( I am 36, sadly, now) but what great memories I have of Kentucky!!! My brother took me to horse farms, and the grass is so beautiful there, we drove by miles and miles of grass SO green it looked blue from a distance, (guess that's why they call it the bluegrass state... ) with white picket fences for miles and miles, and beautiful horses everywhere!!!!!!!!

I am aching to go back to Kentucky for a visit, can you tell?
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I will make sure my dad knows... of course he is almost 60.

I am glad you liked Shadow's site.

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I really like Shadow! He is so handsome. I like the pictures of him, too!
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Awww!! Shadows baby pics so cute!!! Yum yum yum......hee hee, he's pretty hansome now he's older too!! cute!
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How fun! I loved the stories - esp. the bath!
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Wow! Great job on your site! And what an adorable kittie!
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