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How often do you check your email?

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I check mine too often, know it's partly normal now cause I am job hunting but I also think I am getting too werid about it, so i am starting a "4 times a day" system, once in the morning, once midday, once when I get home and then right before bed. Even that is too much I htink, I think twice a day is "normal" but since I am job hunting I am going to more.
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Daily one or 2 at day!
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I have outlook express and it is always open. It notifys me of new messages so I'm always checking it.
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we make our money online, so there is a window that is always open for email.
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Usually once a day.....which reminds me, thanks Marge!
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I also have Outlook Express at work, so the little envelope appears when there is new mail unless our servers are bogged down.

My personal email I check it once a day, just cuz I use it for shopping on eBay or other online purchases, and gotta know when stuff ships!
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I breed, raise, and sell chinchillas and I am constantly online communicating to other chinchilla owners across the states so I'm always checking my e-mail About once every 5 minutes lol.
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24/7... work, home, during sleep
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I have my email client set to pick up mail every 30 minutes, and if there's new mail, it pops up a notice and leaves an icon in my system tray. So, how often do I check? When the popup comes, or when I see that icon, if I'm not up to my eyeballs in something else.

Oh, yeah, and there's my free webmail account, which I check no more than once a week, often as long as two or three weeks, whenever I think of it, unless I'm expecting something particular.
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Once a day is about average for me.
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I usually skip a few days in between checking. I just mostly get junk email anyhow.. now if I'm buying/selling something or doing something out of the ordinary I may check a few times.

I always forget to check our agency email though, I give the boss emails from a day or two ago and that's so not professional..
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Usually once a day. Have gone a couple of days without checking. But if something is up more often.

I hate Hiram Durango and why am I getting his emails? (Spam mail.)
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I have my yahoo messenger on all the time so I know when an email arrives.
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Which e-mail? I have about four addresses. My work e-mail is always up (we have Outlook, so the little envelope nags at you 'til you finally go see what's there). My personal e-mails I usually check about once a day.
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I have my work email set to check every 10 minutes. I think I have my home email (which checks 3 or 4 email addresses) set about that long too. Oh yeah, and I have a little taskbar thingie that tells me if my gmail account has mail too. If I'm at the computer, the email program is open.
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My work e-mail I check whenever the new mail message pops up.

My home e-mail on the other hand I try to remember to check daily but I have been known to forget for several days in a row.
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When I'm at work, my work email account is always open and I check my home email a couple of times.

When I'm at home the computer is on and my email program running. I collect home and work emails as they arrive.

A little popup envelope also appears in the task bar if new mail arrives.
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I have three email accounts. My main one I check roughly 4-5 times a day, unless I am online then I do check it every 15 or 20 minutes. My hotmail address I check when it notifys me of a new mail and my school email address I check maybe once or twice a month.
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My computer system at work lets me know when I have email, so I don't have to check. I check once or twice a week at home.
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I check mine every couple days, my mailbox is always full and my girlfriends will call me and ask why I havent replied yet...oops
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I check my work email often during the day and again when I get home, as I have our email client on my home computer. Whenever I have my computer on at home, I have Outlook Express open, and mine is set to check mail every 2 minutes.
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Once or twice a day, usually. Depends on the day, and how busy I am!
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Waiting half an hour is way too long. My email is set to check every minute. I would set it lower if I could. My email is like my phone!
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Once or twice. It was more often before the text messaging via cell phone.
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Pretty often. If I can get on the computer, I'll check 2-4 times a day.
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every 2 mns. And its allways, " no new messages" I am lonley
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I check my personal e-mail about 2-3 times each day... Though at the office, a LOT of communication is done by e-mail, so every few minutes (when I'm not in a meeting).
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All the time. My computer is constantly on and I use Incredimail (www.incredimail.com) which alerts me whenever new mail arrives.
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i forget to check it half the time!
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Everyday, I have to check my husband's email too.
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