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Got To Vent Here!!

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I am so angry right now. This is my biggest complaint. I live in an Apartment so I have to share the laundry room with my Apt. neighbors, which I get along with most of them. But I can not stand it when you go to do your laundry and you have a certain amount of time or even if you don't, you wash you claothes then you go to put your wet clothes in and hey there is someone elses clothes that are cold that they have been sitting so long and no one comes to get them and you don't want to touch them because you don't want someone touching yours. I set my timer on my microwave so that I can get mine as soon as it is done and most everyone here is very good about it. I just want people to share the same respect since we all live here and have to share 4 washers and 4 dryers. Which by the way is not enough for an apartment complex. I just needed to vent. do any of you have the same problem with something like this?
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i have had this problem and as much as i may not like people touching my clothes, if they've sat there a while it is fully within your rights to remove them and put yours in
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I finelly did remove two of there four loads that they left in there and combined mine into two loads. Pretty sad, huh?
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Thats sad. Perhaps the apt mgr could put up a sign???
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Untill monday, i didnt know i was allowed to use the clothing line down in the laundry, tomorrow morning i have to get up early to remove them because i only have monday, tuesdays and wednesdays to use it!
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I can't imagine sharing the same laundry equipment as anyone else. Sometimes we will put dirty things in the wash and just let it build up over a few days until we have enough to wash. I'd definitly need to sharpen my act up!
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Do you live in my apt. complex? I have the same prob with my neighbors Fortunately, my mom lives about half an hour away, so I usually go out to her house to do laundry. But I definitely feel your pain
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