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New Cat Introduction

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Nipper and Tucker (aka Nip & Tuck)

I have never owned cats before…always a dog person. I have always disliked other people's cats but decided I didn’t want the responsibilities associated with another dog and decided to give a cat a try.

Tucker is a 1 year old male that I got from the local Rescue League six months ago. He is a good companion and a great deal of fun. I decided he needed a friend and spent quite a bit of time looking for the perfect mate.

The cat that selected me is a 1 year old female…very loving and active. The downside was that she was turned in because she didn’t get along with the previous owner’s other cat. I decided to take the chance.

I read all the articles about new cat introduction and followed all the suggestions very closely. They were kept in separate areas for two weeks with occasional switches of environment. Then I placed an old storm window between their areas and let them study each other for a couple of days.

The initial meeting produced some minor hissing from the new cat but no other problems. After a couple of days that problem ended.

They are now best friends and share toys, food bowls, litter boxes and my attention. Found them sleeping today with the new cat using the old cat as a pillow. The only current problem is that they have scheduled a daily wrestling match at 5:00 AM on my bed. I am thinking about getting them wrist watches so that they can schedule their activities at a more appropriate time.

For those of you considering a 1st cat or an additional cat…go for it.

I would like to thank all of those that have provided such valuable information on this site…especially “hissy.â€
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Three cheers for converted dog-people! I, too, thought I could never love cats, but boy, was I wrong. I still love dogs, and every time I visit my mother, I wish I could take my childhood dog with me...

...but first Ziv, and then the other two, showed me that cats are equally capable of producing a "love" reaction in me. I used to be sort of frightened of cats and their (seeming) unpredictability. But now, my cats have taken that right out of me. When I visit my little brother's cat, who's really a kitten and a bit wild, I know exactly how to react to his nips. What a thrill!

Anyway, that's not really the point of your post, is it? I, too, agree that two cats are better than one. Mine aren't quite as lovey-dovey as yours, but Ziv is much happier having playmates and companionship, especially since I work all day.

The wristwatches...what a great idea! Have you tried intensive playtime and wet food before bed? It's made a big difference for my trio...they still have the 10 pm stampede, but the morning rumble starts after I wake up, rather than the other way around. Regardless, what a great testimonial.
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Glad to hear everything worked out well!
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