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Who drinks tea???

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The coffee at my office is awful-too watery so I'll usually drink tea.
I don't like the herbal one however-I go for caffeine.
But I'm willing to try new types.
So what kinds does everyone drink?????
Right now I'm finishing a box of Jasime Tea and have some Tazo "Zen" green tea. I've tried an aged Earl Grey that wasn't bad either.
What about gunpowder tea.
Tea bags or loose tea??

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I drink LOTS of iced tea. Usually just plain tea, none of this new herbal stuff. I make my iced tea with loose tea, not bags. I also like the green tea as well.
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I am a real teapot Atm, I am drinking PG Tips, just normal English tea. At work I tend to drink herbal tea and like Twinnings peppermint....

My friend bought me some green tea - is all I can say!
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If I'm making sun tea I'll throw in a couple bags of green tea for the "health benefits".
I bet in the summer I could easily drink a quart of plain iced tea.
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when i have hot tea its just plain black or deejing? with milk!

If its ice tea it has to be peachy!

I have strawberry rauhbabar? (Sp)
Vanilla and clove
and lots and lots more but i dont like to drink the others unless im sick
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I do NOT drink the green tea & peppermint stuff I bought; it tastes like a freaking leaf!!!

I steep it, cool it down, and put it on my eyelids.

The tea I do drink, which is only when my throat is sore, is this herbal expressions stuff, orange & spice & everything nice. THat's what it's called, I think? If you take it & put a drop of honey & some lemon in it, you get a powerful elixir for a sore throat.

But other than that, it's coffee all the way for me. I make the coffee here at work so it's just how I want it, and the guys have all grown used to the coffee being so strong and bold it makes them say "whoa". Weak coffee sucks!
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I LOVE hot tea! Every morning I have English Breakfast tea with breakfast!
I also like:
Chai (currently I have Masala Chai from a place here in Orlando called Teavana)
White Tea (though it's generally more expensive)
and fruit flavored teas! We have a mango tea at my place right now that is pretty good and a while back my roommate bought me some strawberry tea that was JUST delicious!!!

Tea bags or loose leaf are fine for me! Though I honestly think it tastes better when it's loose leaf. Just a difference in freshness perhaps? The chai I have right now is a loose leaf.

I'm a tea fiend.
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tazo passion flavor is my favorite!!
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I can down a lot of lipton. Hot or Iced, doesn't matter.
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Tetley or Earl Grey
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I have herbal tea every night. Susan is about to be so sweet to broaden my horizons by sending me a beautiful China tea cup with some of her favorite tea so we can have tea together! I'm so excited!
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oh, I'm a tea freak

I love the Tazo teas that you can get at Starbucks and other specialy (haha, special - tea) stores. The passion tea also makes a great iced tea--especially combined with island rose orange fountain tea.

I enjoy mixing them up too--one Bigelow french vanilla tea bag with one blueberry tea bag...mmmmmm
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I don't particularly care for iced tea, but like most of the Stash, Twinings, and Celestial Seasonings teas hot, both herbal teas and regular. Chai, green tea, peppermint, chamomile, Irish breakfast, English breakfast are all among my favorites. I usually drink those with caffeine during the day and the herbal teas in the evening. I used to prefer only the loose tea, but since I like to get every minute tea leaf out, I've switched to tea bags in more recent years. Forty years ago most of the tea that came in bags was, well, YUCK!
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Me! I'm addicted

I love tea, and hate coffee. I usually drink just Lipton's regular, that's my favorite. but i'll drink any tea if i have no choice. Plus, out of soft drinks, i only drink iced teas, no sodas for me.

About 2-3 cups of hot a day, and 2 at least of iced, if you can believe it
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I just love tea!
I drink most kinds of tea, Indian Chai, herbal teas, Black and Green Leaf teas....practically anything really! I buy PG pyramid bags for general tea, but I drink a lot of Red Bush tea
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I just drink iced tea. Usually Nestea or Safeway Select Ice tea. I really like peach flavored iced tea, but it is expensive, so I stick to whatever's on sale.
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I am nuts for tea - I recently discovered rooibos (red bush) tea and I am addicted!!!!!! I drink ANY kind of tea except for rosehip, not too crazy for that one.
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Next time I go shopping I'll look for the Tazo passion-I bet it would be good iced and that Red Bush-is that a brand or a variety???
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I am a tea person. I drink them hot or cold. My favourite is all kind of green tea. I regreted not buying a big box of green tea when I am in Japan.
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Good Thread Gail, I´m a coffe drinker but I usually too drink tea and my favourite is "Black tea" in bags!
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I was once called a "tea snob" A friend got my ex hooked on PG Tipps, and she still sends him his supply.

I like Earl Grey, or better yet Lady Grey - that's a 1:1 mix of Earl Grey & Eng Breakfast, a little lighter flavor than straight Earl.

We have a friend near here that imports loose leaf from England and blends her own to resell at a local tearoom. I still have a little Apple Viennese herbal that she gave me, makes a great dessert tea.

My best friend sent me some Tazo Chai for Xmas, with the infuser basket, I love it!
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Red Bush - you can find it in any store that sells tea - it is called Red Tea, any brand should have it. I like it straight without any flavour added to it.

So the names you should be looking for are:
Red Tea
Red Bush Tea
Rooibos Tea

I have been looking all over for white tea - its so hard to find here! But I just discovered a tea room/ day spa that just opened near Jakes work, maybe I will go there one day and relax with a facial and a cuppa!
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Yeah, tea! Good morning!
I drink Ginseng tea. It took me 18 months to get off caffeine for good and since then all I do is drink Ginseng tea (hot, seeped very dark) about 2x per day. My skin got amazing, and it keeps my energy level up. What my body doesn't use it discards. It doesn't stain my teeth and I love going to Vancouver, B.C. to shop in their huge Chinatown to look at the barrels and barrels of fresh Ginseng teas in all varieties that come from China. The white ginseng is my favorite but it costs $300 /lb!
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Love Tea love smell off coffee wont drink it, just palin tea english
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Originally Posted by vi04
Love Tea love smell off coffee wont drink it, just palin tea english
Vi- I am dying to ask you if "Irish Breakfast" tea really is Irish???
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Sometimes I almost live on coffee! But when I have tea, it's usually peppermint or Chai.
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Originally Posted by stormy
Sometimes I almost live on coffee! But when I have tea, it's usually peppermint or Chai.
Do you have any heartburn when you drink peppermint? i love it, but I get a little acid back.....-?
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Do you have any heartburn when you drink peppermint? i love it, but I get a little acid back.....-?
Not that I remember, but sometimes coffee will give me heartburn, but I drink it anyway!
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I drink green tea, both iced and hot. right now I am having some I iced, it makes me feel good too. I have horrible allergies right now and seems to calm me.
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I have to have my two morning cups of coffee, but drink hot or iced tea the rest of the day. I love oolong, which is half-fermented, meaning halfway between green and black tea. I buy loose tea from a shop, "Formosa Fancy Oolong Ming Xiang", for home, and use Bigelow's Chinese Fortune tea bags at work.
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