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Help! We've Tried Everything and nothing works!

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My cat Dixie keeps pooping on our expensive rug in our sitting room and we have tried everything to make her stop. She has some kind of fixation with that spot! We have rubbed her nose in it and spanked her, then locked her in the potty box room for a week at a time, but she still keeps doing it! It seems to always be in the morning as well, not at night. We have sprayed the rug with that spray thats supposed to repell them but that didnt work either. We put the litterbox out on the rug and she pooped right beside it instead of in it. This has been going on for weeks and she doesnt seem to get it. We do have another female cat that she doesn't get along with, but they have always not liked each other and stayed out of each others way most of the time. I haven't noticed any increase of aggressiveness between the two either. What is causing this? Our vet doesn't think she is sick, he thinks its behavioral and she is driving us insane. Have any of you ever had this problem? If so I need suggestions on what else can be done! Thanks!
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Cats are NOT dogs and they do not respond to punishment of any type. If anything, it just makes the situation worse.

Your vet doesn't think she is sick? Has he even tested her for low-grade infections, run a blood panel? Or is he just guessing?

There are so many reasons why cats poop out of the box and usually the top reason is a health issue.

If it is not health, it is stress, or the environment and then you look at behavioral. There is a sticky thread in the behavior forum that addresses this issue extensively. And, as I said there are a dozen reasons why this happens, but first and foremost health issues need to be ruled out.
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Rubbing their noses in it is something i heard of when i was small and i know a girl i work with did this to her ladbrador when he had "accidents" in the house.

I questioned my vet about it when i took Rosie for her booster once and she said it's the wrong thing to do, and if anything stresses the animal more, and especially spanking them!

When you say you lock her in the potty room for a week at a time, do you mean 24/7?
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the cat just likes that spot, she's trying to tell you it's her rug
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Our vet told us not to waste money on Feliway. He had us spray straight rubbing alcohol on the rug and put her food dish out on the rug as well. It worked! So far no poop!
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Has your vet done any tests? My cat kaya was pooping right in front of the litter box, I immediatly knew something was wrong b/c he's never had any problems before,then he did it right in front of me and I really knew something was wrong He was trying to tell me something....hear come to find out he had a pancratic infection.He was sick and wanted me to know.So if your cat finds a new spot dont rely on your vets ''Behavioral" theory and make sure he runs tests!
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boy, you have one interesting vet! in any case, it's good the problem's gone.

NEVER, EVER spank your cat
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