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Jungle Cat!

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I couldn't find Guin this afternoon, then I spotted him! Curled up in a little ball fast asleep in the neighbours garden (overgrown garden!) By the time I had got outside to take his pic, he gave me this look as if to say, "oi you disturbed me!!" lol

The grass is now flat where he must have been sleeping for a few hours!

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Wow! Those are great photos. I love the contrast of the bright green grass with Guin's glossy coat in the first, and the second is such a great close-up! Black cats really do have an extra touch of "wild" in them.
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What a handsome boy!
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I love the first picture. You could use that as your wallpaper.
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Originally Posted by Fat Clumsy Cat
I love the first picture. You could use that as your wallpaper.
Yeah, I like that one too but it's ashame that it is a little bit blurred...
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Guin's such a love! that look in the first pic oh, I know it well! "Mum, can't a cat sleep in peace -- ANYWHERE -- without you coming along with that flashy thing?" He's a beautiful boy!
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What a handsome boy he is! Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures.
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He's gorgeous, love the pics.
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Exciting pictures of your handsome furboy.
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Oooooo, great pictures!!!
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Gilly he's a sweetie Seeing those pictures of Guinness in the grass reminds me of my parents cats who used to lie in it on a summers day
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Beautiful pics! I'm suprised that my desexed boy Elmo isn't out enjoying the afternoon sun, instead he is curled up on his kitty couch! Thanks for sharing!
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